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Scheana Shay Trolls Twitter For Fake ID For Her Underage Sister Cortney!

The Vanderpump Rules cast is known for over sharing on social media, but Scheana Shay just hit a whole new low!

On Tuesday night Scheana tweeted her followers, asking if anyone, “blonde and tiny” had a “21+ ID” for her underage sister. At first it seemed like she was kidding, however she made sure to add, “not joking,” and, “she will pay!”

Scheana’s followers went off, calling her out for being a bad influence for her sister, and encouraging her to break the law! Scheana’s sister Cortney responded and tried to defend Scheana by explaining that she’s, “not trying to drink, just tryna get in places that shouldn’t be 21+!

There were other followers who pointed out the obvious; it’s extremley inappropriate, illegal, and risky to buy and sell a fake ID over social media. An extremley narky follower even went so far as to tag the department of Homeland Security’s Twitter account!

It looks like Scheana’s Tweet may have helped Courtney (for now), because one of her followers knows, “so many people,” which really made her sister excited! After Cortney replied, “plz help” the VPR fan told Courtney she was going to, “DM you some pics of people.

I went to college in a city and can actually remember Cortney’s struggle, but this is so wrong. Scheana’s decision to post a Twitter ad for a fake ID was totally irresponsible; this could land them both in hot water! With the state of the country right now fake ID charges are way more strict than they used to be, and given Scheana has over 250,000 followers, there’s a pretty good chance that this could end badly.

I think Scheana needs to smarten up and keep some things off of social media; hopefully this isn’t a lesson she learns the hard way, because not only is she involved, but her underage sister as well!

Are you shocked that Scheana trolled Twitter for a fake ID? Was this irresponsible? Do you think Scheana will end up getting in trouble? Are you surprised that one of her followers tagged the department of Homeland Security’s  account? Thoughts on Scheana’s follower who has an ID for Cortney? Let’s discuss!

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