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Kandi Burruss Tucker Reveals Why She Brought “Proof” To Hawaii That Porsha Williams Came Onto Her!

On Sunday night’s RHOA the ATL crew headed to Hawaii for the season 9 cast trip and by the first night chaos erupted!

Kandi Burruss Tucker organized the get-away, and although she was (and still is) in a huge fight with Porsha Williams, she allowed her to come as Phaedra’s plus one. (Sidenote: Since when is a plus one allowed to bring there own plus-one; only on Bravo!)

By the first night Kandi and Porsha were screaming at each other in front of the entire cast and their beau’s, and once Kandi pulled out “proof” (printed out text messages) that Porsha came onto her in a sexual way, it was clear that this was not going to be a relaxing vacation. In a new interview with BravoTV.com Kandi got real on her issues with Porsha and explained her motive for bringing “proof” on the trip!

I’ve come to the realization that Porsha has a lying problem. Every time you hit her with the truth, she comes out with another lie that was worse than the previous one. When I first heard her throw out that drug allegation, I couldn’t believe it. That wasn’t shade, that was slander. Drugging someone and taking them to a sex dungeon is rape. It’s unfortunate that some women will go so low and lie about something like that. That makes it hard for real victims that have truly been in that situation,” Kandi explained.

Continuing, “What irritated me is that Porsha tried to justify the lie by saying ‘someone’ told her that I said I would drug her. Who is this imaginary person?! And how did I supposedly say this about the night we hung out three years ago, but they just decided to tell her the day she and I had lunch and argued? Porsha was the one pushing up on me that night years ago. She was being very aggressive. So for her to try to turn it around on me as if I would try to drug her was a vicious lie. Obviously I wanted to defend myself and show proof of her lies. When I scrolled back through my phone, I saw her text saying how much fun she had on the night in question and she told me not to worry because she wouldn’t try to ‘rape’ me on camera. So I printed those texts to pull out just in case she decided to repeat that malicious lie. Which she did,” Kandi defended.

It was not a surprise when Kandi became very intense and heated towards Porsha; this is a side of her we don’t often see on RHOA. Kandi exclaimed that Porsha’s constant lying is what made her reach her breaking point, and she wanted Bravo fans to know that Porsha, “has a lying problem!

When Porsha said again at the table that “someone” told her that I said I tried to drug her, I was done! I was calm at first, but even after I passed out the texts, she still tried to stick to that lie. That just pissed me off. It’s like, damn, at what point do you just admit you were wrong??? That girl has a problem. She was the one talking about “raping” me clear as day in her text, but yet she wants to say I wanted to take advantage of her? Can someone please call Porsha’s counselor and ask them to help her with her lying problem,” Kandi wrapped.

Thoughts on Kandi passing out text messages to the RHOA cast? Were those messages legit? Does Porsha have a lying problem? Is Porsha, “an aggressive lesbian?” Is Kandi a closet lesbian? Did Kandi and Todd try to drug Porsha? Do they have a sex dungeon? Are you shocked at the direction RHOA has gone this season?

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