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Joanna Krupa Defends Her Right To Post Nude Selfies And Refuses To Discuss Her Legal Battle With Brandi Glanville

Joanna Krupa may be a former Real Housewife, but she’s better known for baring her assets on social media and in magazines.

And now in a new interview with Domenik Nati, the Real Housewives of Miami star defends her right to post nude selfies online despite what her critics might say.

Joanna explained that she doesn’t get why people give her flack for posting nude selfies; adding if she’s proud of her body she should be able to show it off.

“If you’re proud of your body and somebody has a problem looking at your Instagram posts, they shouldn’t be following you. I think people love to shame bodies,” Joanna preached. “I think that we as women should be proud of what we’ve accomplished. I go to the gym and work hard to keep in shape. Why can’t I post a photo to show that I’m very proud of my body?”

Adding, “And it’s my job. I have my own lingerie line here, and I do bathing suits. I think it’s easy to cyber bully people on social media because they hide behind their computers and people don’t see who it really is. There’s always going to be that one person who’s going to like hate. I don’t let it affect me at all. I just focus on my work and my happiness.”

As for why people criticize her so much, Joanna says, “It could be multiple things. It could be somebody who’s not very happy in their own skin or somebody who’s not in the entertainment business, and they don’t have the balls to post a sexy picture of themselves.”

The interview wrapped up with the topic of Real Housewives and Joanna admits she doesn’t watch the franchises anymore; saying it’s in her past.

“I don’t really watch the franchise anymore so I wouldn’t be able to give an answer.That’s in the past,” Joanna explained.

Joanna also shut down any talk of Brandi Glanville and their ongoing lawsuit saying,“I can’t discuss it. You would have to ask my attorney.”

Do you care that Joanna posts nude selfies? Is Joanna bitter that she’s no longer a Real Housewife? Are you Team Brandi or Team Joanna?

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