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Kim DePaola Admits She Tried To “Pull The Mask Off” Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga’s Friendship On RHONJ

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Kim DePaola loves to dish the dirt about the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and in a new interview with The Tomorrow Show, she goes to town on her former friends and co-stars.

First up Kim accuses Teresa of having power over RHONJ casting, saying “I think she has taken over the power as to who they hire and who they fire. That’s my opinion.”

As for her role on RHONJ Kim says she’d LOVE to be full-time Housewife but is happy to play whatever role production tells her to – including being a shit stirrer.

Kim claims producers drive the drama on RHONJ and that Kim has been asked to “hold back” multiple times when they feel she’s gone too far.

“I’ve been told to hold back. The ground producers want you to say everything. But sometimes the head producers will say ‘eh, ya know, that’s a little [much], we don’t even want to go there because there are certain–there are such ugly things sometimes,’ ya know?”

“I’ll know certain things, and they know it’s true, but they don’t want it to come out,” Kim continues. “They might wait for the next season. Other times they want you to bring things out. Other times you’re told ‘ya know what, no I don’t think you should say that’ or ‘I don’t think you should do that.’ And to be honest with you that annoys me because I know that it’s the truth. They’re my boss, and you have to listen to your boss.”

Kim admits she wasn’t initially part of season 7 but was brought back to shake things up.

“Last year I wasn’t asked immediately to come back. But then when I was asked back, they said we really want you to pull the masks off of the Teresa/Melissa friendship. That’s why I was called back. They had a bond; I tried to break it, you know with what I knew. Uh, they still held hands and–, and they’re still together right now. So I believe that maybe Danielle [Staub] might do the trick, who knows. We’ll see,” Kim explains.

Speaking of Ms. Staub, Kim says she has no ill will toward Danielle and is excited to see what she brings to the show.

“Danielle and I have had our differences, but I don’t have a problem with Danielle,” Kim claims. “And I’m gonna tell you something. I think Danielle brings great TV. Great, great TV. I really do.”

When it comes to Teresa and Melissa Gorga, Kim has some choice words for the sister-in-laws.

Kim reveals how Melissa “backdoored” her way onto RHONJ; causing a major rift in her family.

“I knew how she got on. You know, I knew that she back-doored Teresa. They had sent a video to Bravo that I heard was above and beyond and, uh, they signed without Teresa even knowing,” Kim explained. “You know, I was on the phone with Teresa the night before the christening. She hadn’t even signed yet, and then as you know, you know what happened at the christening. So I knew there’d be issues because when, a, a brother and a sister-in-law sign a, a contract to be on a show with you without even telling you, you know there’s issues right off the bat, so you can’t forgive that.”

Kim also stands by her claims about Melissa’s past, saying “You know I brought out the stripper thing, I still believe that.”

To finish up, Kim took aim at Teresa and her role on season 7. You can read all about that here.

I have to say Kim talks a good game. I don’t know how much of this I actually believe – some parts sound like they could be true but others seem like complete bull.

Thoughts on Kim’s claims? Would Bravo ever make Kim D a full-time Housewife? Do you think Teresa has any say in RHONJ casting? Could Kim’s claims about production controlling the drama be true?

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