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Manzo’d With Children Officially Cancelled!

Caroline Manzo left RHONJ after 5 seasons, and started filming a spin-off with her husband and kids entitled Manzo’d With Children. The show received mixed reviews, and piggybacked off of RHONJ ratings, airing after Jersey on Sunday nights.

After three seasons on the air Manzo’d With Children has officially been cancelled; Caroline announced the news on her social media page yesterday. She posted the cutest picture of her newborn granddaughter Marchesa “Markie” Scalia, while officially confirming the cancellation and thanking fans for tuning in!

CarolineManzo: After three Seasons of Manzo’d we out – Markie drops ? – we are forever grateful to our viewers, we love you all! ?#threefingersup #manzod#manzodwithmorechildren

Caroline’s post was a bit cold and not at all what I was expecting, however Chris and Ablie opened up a bit more, and really thanked fans for the support over the years!

ChrisManzo: My last post about it- but my only regret with posting is I couldn’t include everyone who’s ever worked on Manzo’d- we had more fun doing that show than anyone could imagine- and I cherish the friendships that I’ve made. Thank you all for watching, and for the last time ever- we hope you enjoyed it half as much as we enjoyed making it, because we had a ball.

AlbieManzo: I remember the first time someone asked us what it’s like to have “fans” and be “reality stars”, we never bought into that. We came up with a number of terms we use in our family, we’re not stars we are “talentless individuals”, we are a group of regular people that got lucky and ended up on TV. We don’t have fans we have “people that watch the show”. While I think we nailed the first term the second one we missed big time. Over the last 8 seasons you guys have absolutely become a part of our family. Every success & failure, wedding & breakup, laugh, cry and occasional fight, we have shared together. I went to see Jersey Boys not long ago, there was a part that said something to the effect of “we weren’t the Beatles, our music was for the blue collar crowd, regular good hardworking people.” I always related to that for some reason. We were never the family on all the magazine covers or trending on twitter, but we had an amazing connection to a group of really good people that I am so grateful to have experienced. It’s been a wild ride but the time has come to move on and I am so excited to see where life goes from here (Markie is amazing by the way). Thank you all so much for being a part of our family for nearly the last decade, it means more than you know. I’m gonna miss you guys.
Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Goodnight. #Manzod

Lauren has yet to comment on the cancellation, but clearly she has more important things to do, like take care of a newborn. She’s been so volatile on social media lately that we shouldn’t hold our breath for her touching post, but it’s expected that she will acknowledge the end of Manzo’d.

There are so many stories circulating about Caroline’s fate on Bravo, but the general consensus is that she will be back at some point. Personally I don’t ever see her rejoining RHONJ, but if she ever needed the money enough, I’m sure producers would have her back in a second. I don’t even want to jinx the possibility of a Laurita/Manzo spin-off, but luckily we’re hearing that’s not even a thought right now; at this point I don’t think they would get enough ratings, and Sirens Media knows that would be too much of a risk.

An Ablie/Chris spin-off could be hysterical, and I for one would definitely watch, even a dating show with the two of them would be great.

For now it’s best that the family lay low and enjoy their little Markie; there are clearly way more important things in life than reality TV, and this crushing cancellation news couldn’t come at a better time!

Are you surprised that Manzo’d was cancelled? Did you watch? Are you a fan of the Manzo family? Why was Lauren taunting Bravo fans on social media? Would you watch an Albie/Chris spin-off? Will Caroline join RHONJ again? Would you watch a Manzo/Laurita spin-off? Will Lauren ever be a RHONJ?

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