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Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Lisa Rinna For Denying Her Comments About Kim Richards & Slams Eileen Davidson For Her Irrational Insight On The Situation!

This week’s RHOBH was intense, as drama broke out over a dessert feast. Lisa Rinna, Kim Richards, and Eden Sassoon were all face-to-face, and Kim was stronger than ever with her sponsor Claire in tow.

Once the confrontation began things got heated quickly, and the RHOBH queen bee Lisa Vanderpump tried to be the voice of reason. While it was hard to get a word in, eventually she got Rinna “own it,” but got furiously shushed by Kyle once she attempted to make the group understand Eden’s role in the mess.

In this week’s Bravo Blog LVP called out Lisa Rinna for trying to deny the truth, and taunted her that despite her efforts, it prevailed! She also slammed Eileen Davidson for the inaccurate perspective she has on the situation, and politely shut down Harry Hamlin’s comments that Lisa always had pure intentions when it came to Kim.

I apologize for being remiss in my responsibilities and not producing a blog last week. But I explained much of my sentiment on WWHL.

Now let us begin to understand exactly what has transpired here as we delve into the complicated scenario that we have witnessed, the murky quagmire, where truth is scant on the ground.

After Mexico, I would assume Lisa Rinna came to the conclusion that the probability of Eden‘s reiteration of their conversation being accurate was more likely than not.

It was captured, documented for all to see, and I suppose, as Eden remained steadfast in her opinion, it must’ve provoked her to admit that it was said. Eileen comforting her friend, stating how wonderful she is, how she always owns her stuff, is ironic as Rinna previously had been in utter denial.

I seem to have trouble understanding how Lisa Rinna keeps remarking that I must be enjoying this. Yes, there was some sort of vindication from her brutal attacks last year, as we shine a light on her recollection skills, but the most important factor is that she seems relentless in her judgement of Kim.

I love Kim. We started this experience seven years ago, and I bore witness to her struggles with sobriety. I know her journey has been a challenging, painful one. As she has been so successful lately in her attempt to remain sober, it must be crucifying to have people doubt you, have the doubt thrust into an arena, where it is up for public scrutiny, all because of an hour or so interaction at Kyle’s house, where there was zero evidence to give Rinna’s claims any credence.

I think LR has good qualities, and I have enjoyed our friendship at times, but Harry stating that LR has always tried to help her and has total empathy for Kim is laughable if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Lisa passed her resentment of Kim to Eden, knowing that Eden was eager to immerse herself in this group of women, and with her history felt, she could speak from authority.

Well, as much as I respect and adore Mr. Hamlin, telling his wife just to speak the truth and speak from the heart is utter nonsense. When we had the conversations and assertions in Mexico, she vociferously denied saying any of those pertinent statements! Also sending texts threatening to “f— someone up” does not resemble empathy. You can misuse it and abuse it, but the truth will prevail. Her intentions are coupled with retaliation from their altercation two years ago.

What I can’t quite digest is this: Rinna spoke openly to Eden, saying she “trusted her.” She insinuates it was a private conversation, but we all know that is not so. What difference did it make if Eden repeated it to me? Eden was protecting herself, explaining why she had been eager to get involved with talk of sobriety. Prudent? Maybe not, but after her own personal experiences, maybe she felt time was of the essence. She heard Kim was “close to dying” and felt compelled to act as she valued Rinna’s opinion.

So at Carnie Wilson’s cake tasting, she retracts her defensive statements of innocence, capitulates and f—ing cops to it. Can we all give ourselves permission to make strident accusations, but as long as we “own it,” we are exonerated, free from blame?

This was a beautiful example of mea culpa….A little late for my liking…But there we have it …And on we move.

As we pull up to our site that had potential for our dream, our dream to open a rescue center for dogs, a puppy palace, where people could interact with them, bring their furry friends for Vanderpuff glam treatment, buy toys, clothes, food, and the proceeds would support the center.

As it comes to fruition, as we open tomorrow, an arduous task for sure, as we have navigated the rocky terrain of construction and permits, staffing, etc., we are happy to say VANDERPUMP DOGS is up and running.

We started Vanderpump Pets, our new business venture, a while ago. We then became involved with China as we made products there, Cambodia and USA. We started to hear horror stories from animal activists, about this torture festival known has Yulin. So after months of work, I went to speak at Congress, which was an awesome experience, to support our resolution—the fight against Yulin.

As I watch this footage, to see the depth of emotion that is so palpable, Ken devastated, tears rolled down my face, my husband and I have been traumatized by the visuals and stories we have endured. As I sat speaking to Congress, videos were shown where the screams from the audience were deafening as they witnessed atrocities that transpire in Yulin.

We brought a dog onto the table, Liberty, a little puppy whose front legs were chopped off for a delicacy called hot and sour paw soup.

We have made it our mission, collectively with our partner who has been to Yulin last year, to try to draw attention to this barbarity that has only been in existence the last few years. People remark that all animals deserve the same. I agree, but this is about the torture that is so wrong. I can’t fight every fight…

The government has been in such turmoil lately, it is hardly their priority. If you tell your Congressman to support the resolution, it will help greatly. We’re 3/4 of the way there and have garnered much support.

But it is OUR priority, many of you know speaking on behalf of the LGBTQ community, as an advocate for equal rights, supporting Trevor Project, children with alopecia, the homeless …the list goes on…we can only do so much. But if we can create a better world for man’s best friend, by utilizing the platforms afforded to us, then that is what we shall do.

I bid you all a good week. Remember my mantra: Love and laughter supersede all.

Everything that Lisa and Ken are doing for animals around the world is amazing; It’s so nice to see those who are so fortunate doing so much good for helpless creatures around the world!

Thoughts on Lisa’s blog? Did you enjoy seeing her and Ken working on Vanderpump Dogs? Were you shocked Harry Hamlin said Rinna had good intentions? Was Eileen irrational when comforting Rinna? Were you shocked to see Kim’s sponsor? Did Eden have good intentions? Were you surprised to see LVP stand up for Eden? Let’s discuss!

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