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Kyle Richards Dishes On Watching Her Girls Grow Up On RHOBH & Gets Emotional About Sophia Umansky’s Send-Off To College!

Kyle Richards has four daughters who we don’t get too see often on RHOBH. Kyle’s daughters may grow up in a life of luxury, but they are all gorgeous, smart, educated girls who don’t seem to want fame for themselves.

It’s a common theme that the RHOBH daughters are all strutting their stuff on the runway, and it’s quite refreshing to see that Kyle and Mauricio are raising down-to-earth daughters who are honestly just like most of us!

Kyle is definitely a typical mom when she sends her girls off to college, and we watched her shed many tears in the time leading up to Alexia’s college departure. Now it’s almost time for her daughter Sophia to go, and of course the water works have already began!

Sophia is very shy on RHOBH, and it’s hard not to notice that she gets her height from her father! Kyle is barely up to her shoulders, but their closeness is evident even from pictures.

Sophia is only a junior, but she just turned 17, a milestone that has Kyle emotional, and already in preparation for her college send-off.

I have never gotten better so far,” Kyle told The Daily Dish about her kids leaving the nest. Adding, “I’m not gonna change. A leopard does not change its spots. So I know I’m gonna be tortured when Sophia leaves.

Not only will it be tough for Kyle, but she says due to the nature of Sophia’s personality, her home will be forever changed when Sophia isn’t there full-time.

Sophia has a very strong personality. When she’s not home, the house just feels very quiet. Like, oh, Sophia’s not here. You can tell the second you step foot in the door. So when she goes to college, it’s gonna be a very big adjustment,” Kyle explained.

Although Kyle is trying to keep Sophia close to home, she’s following in sister Alexia’s footsteps, and looking to head to the East Coast for college!

Sophia is really smart. She’s very advanced in math, and she’s a very strong student. So she just went and looked at colleges. She looked all on the East Coast, [but] I’m trying to encourage California, hello, you’ve got some really good schools there,” she said.

Continuing, “But she loves to tell me, ‘No, I’m not going to stay here. I’m not.’ All of the schools, I think, encourage going off, which I know is a wonderful thing, it helps them grow, but they’ve got really good schools and a nice, cozy bed at home.

Kyle said one of the best things about being on RHOBH has been watching how much her girls change and grow up from season to season; Portia was just a baby when we “met” her, and now she’s 9 years old!

It’s so crazy. Somebody posted a picture the other day of Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and my kids were so little. Portia was still in diapers sleeping in a crib. So I just can’t believe how my kids are growing and to see it documented on the show all of these years. It’s really, really crazy. I mean, Portia has no memory of her life before the show, which is so wild,” Kyle wrapped!

Do you think it’s refreshing that Kyle’s daughters don’t want to be famous? Are you surprised Kyle and Mauricio raised such down-to-Earth girls? Do you enjoy seeing Kyle’s family on RHOBH? Would you like to see more of her daughters on Bravo?

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