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Eden Sassoon Accuses Lisa Rinna Of Having “Selective Memory” & Teases The Truth “Will Come Out Soon Enough!”

While Eden Sassoon and Kim Richards didn’t join the RHOBH cast in Mexico, they were the main topic of discussion on the trip!

Last week we watched Lisa Vanderpump tell Kyle what Lisa Rinna had been saying about Kim, and finally Kyle understood why Eden had been asking so many questions about her sisters’ sobriety!

Of course, they ended the episode right when Rinna got to Mexico, so we had to wait a whole week to see how things went down. Kyle was trying to enjoy the trip and ignore Rinna as much as possible, but Erika told Lisa to go talk to Kyle so they could get to the bottom of things.

We all watched in disbelief as Rinna refused to “own it,” and claimed that she “didn’t remember” what she said! Luckily for Eden the conversation was caught on camera; however given Lisa’s past with Kim, and this group, most of the RHOBH assumed she was guilty anyway!

In this week’s Bravo Blog Eden admitted that following the talk with her mother she realized that she needed to take a step back from the RHOBH sobriety situation. She also slammed Lisa Rinna for having “selective memory,” and teased that the truth will come out soon enough!

Let’s start this blog post with the beautiful part of this episode…my mama. She is such a strong, beautiful woman, who so easily brings me back down to earth. It wasn’t always that way; we’ve worked really hard on our relationship. But now that we have such a strong friendship, I look to her for advice when I am overwhelmed, which I totally am at this moment.

I saw Kat and me in Kim and Kyle, and it was scary and emotionally overwhelming. I’m not a troublemaker, guys. I NEVER meant to insert myself into a situation that would cause drama. But I guess it took my mom explaining to me that it’s not my job to fix other people to realize that I needed to take a step back and let it be. I am powerless in this situation. My passion got the best of me. #ImMyFathersDaughter

“You, my dear, are powerless over other people’s lives. So, we can share it, but we can’t change it, OK?” –Beverly Sassoon

Something I am not powerless over is this Rinna situation? She says she “can’t remember,” so let me help her remember. And let’s set some other things straight too:

Lisa Rinna said she had a deep conversation with me, about me, and that I wanted to help her heal her relationship with Kim Richards. Yes, we did talk about me, and her, and about A LOT! But RINNA is the one who asked me to help her heal her relationship with Kim! I didn’t think it would be too hard… but then again, I didn’t realize that they couldn’t stand each other! I didn’t watch past seasons, so I didn’t see how volatile their relationship was. That was my first mistake — agreeing to help.

Rinna said she thinks this situation is bullsh– if you ask her… well no one did ask you! If anyone should think this situation is bullsh– it’s me! I mean come on; Rinna deserves a damn Oscar for the performance she just gave in Mexico.

“Everyone in this group, at one time or another, doesn’t remember…” –Erika Girardi

But it didn’t just stop at the “selective memory.” Rinna continued to cry and cry and cry and say, “I don’t want to do this. I feel like I have been stabbed in the back.” Honestly, now it’s just funny. The more she cries, the more they play back the moment when Lisa Rinna says everything she’s denying. I mean even the girls admit that she could have said something like that in one of her angry moments…well she wasn’t even mad when she said it. We were calm, shopping. She remembers. #CaughtRedHanded

Erika tried her hardest to get Rinna to “own it, own it” (LOL, Vanderpump), but it will all come out soon enough.

Note To Self: The queen, I love you! Picturing Vanderpump getting on all fours and barking like a dog, definitely something I would do. #HappyValentinesDay

 Thoughts on Eden’s blog? Does Rinna have selective memory? Were you shocked that she claimed she “couldn’t remember?” Were you glad to hear Eden admit she needs to take a step back from Kim and Kyle? Are you excited to watch Rinna and Eden go head to head next week? 

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