Brandi Glanville Let's Discuss: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - RHOBH

Brandi Glanville Says The RHOBH “Act Like Different People” Plus Claims A New Cast Member Is Trying To Be Her!

Say what?!?

Brandi Glanville recently made a visit to Larry King Now where dished on her time on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; revealing that the show is not at all what it seems.

As for her time on Housewives Brandi says “It was difficult for me. People love drama, it’s like trainwreck TV, and you can’t help but watch. It’s almost like the new soap operas.”

Adding, “It was really hard because I am one of those people that say whatever I want, whenever I want to say it. “

Brandi explains that her co-stars were better at hiding and controlling their emotions than she was.

“The women on that show in particular of all the franchises of Housewives, most of them were actresses at one point, so they are able to control themselves and act like different people.”

Going on to say that it’s difficult when fans believe they are seeing everything when it’s actually just a “glimpse.”

“People think they know you personally and I feel like it’s a little glimpse into these glamorous lives,” Brandi adds.

Brandi then explains why she didn’t return to RHOBH after season 5; confirming that she was demoted from a full-time Housewife.

“I was not asked back full-time, and I didn’t have any friends left. If there’s no reason for me to be there why would I hang out with a bunch of ladies who don’t like me? I wouldn’t be invited to any of the parties,” Brandi explains. “You have to have at least one person that you’re with that is cool with you. Otherwise, why be there?”

Despite leaving the show, Brandi still watches it regularly and has opinions on the current cast saying “There’s one new girl that’s pretending to be me.”

I think Brandi was right to leave RHOBH even though I do kind of miss her on the show. She had no more connections on the show so it wouldn’t have worked. I do agree that as fans we only see a small percentage of what’s really happening which is we shouldn’t be so hard on some of the Housewives.

Thoughts on Brandi’s interview? Was it right for Brandi to leave RHOBH? Do you believe the other Housewives “control themselves and act like different people?”

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