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Kyle Richards Has a New Strategy for Dealing with Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna’s Drama

Kim Richards’ name has been on everybody’s lips this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Well at least on Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon’s lips who have expressed concern over Kim’s sobriety multiple times.

But Kim isn’t enjoying her or her sobriety being in the spotlight.

“Kim has been really upset about the things that have been said about her with Lisa Rinna and with Eden,” Kyle reveals to  The Daily Dish. “It’s hard hearing those things. She’s already defensive because she always feels like she’s always under the microscope because of things that she’s gone through in the past and things that have happened. So when she hasn’t done anything, and she’s feeling so great and to have these things said, it’s upsetting.”

Kim even took to Twitter during last week’s episode of RHOBH to express her feelings about Rinna and Eden.

“She went off on a tangent. All her feelings come flying out of her Twitter,” Kyle explains. “Well, that’s one way to express yourself. Do you feel better now?”

This season isn’t the first time that Rinna has commented on Kim’s sobriety.
“I’ve known Lisa Rinna before the Housewives, and I like Lisa Rinna a lot. I think she’s a good person. She has had issues with my sister, as we all know. And then she feels bad because we are friends, and she’ll say, ‘I’m really sorry. I never should have said that. It won’t happen again,'” Kyle added. “And then it happens again probably because we’re on this show together and you’re supposed, to be honest about your feelings or whatever her reason may be.”
Kyle admits her decision to stay friends with Rinna is difficult and that when she discusses Kim, it tests their friendship.
“It does make it very difficult for me as her friend and Kim being my sister; it puts me in a really bad position. I don’t really understand why she said those things, but it makes it hard to get past, obviously.”
So how does Kyle deal? Well, she’s developed a new strategy to handle the drama between Kim and LR.
“They obviously don’t like one another, and every time they go to talk, it just gets worse, so I’ve gotten to the point where I’m going to say, ‘I’m going to stay out of it,’ because every time someone chimes in, it just blows up and gets worse,” Kyle explained. “I don’t want to get in the middle of it because I know it can be volatile. So I just say, ‘OK, I’m gonna let them handle this.’ I mean, they are adult women. They should be able to.”
I can’t imagine how tough it is for Kyle to be in the middle. I think she handles it very well.

Thoughts on Kyle’s interview? Does Kyle have the right idea for dealing with Kim and LR feud? Do you think Eden and Rinna will stop discussing Kim anytime soon?

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