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Eden Sassoon Recognizes That She Was “Used” By Lisa Rinna To Keep The Conversation About Kim’s Sobriety Relevant!

This was a big week for Eden Sassoon on RHOBH. She finally revealed to LVP that Lisa Rinna was the one feeding her (wrong) information about Kim’s sobriety; a message that LVP passed along to her friend Kyle!

Kyle gave Eden the satisfaction of recognizing why she was so “obsessed” wit Kim’s sobriety, and even though it was about to start a major issue with Lisa Rinna, it helped the ladies understand where Eden was coming from.

In this week’s Bravo Blog Eden recognized that she was being “used” by Lisa Rinna to keep the conversations about Kim’s sobriety relevant. She also revealed that she’s not sure if the ladies completely believe her intentions are pure, but moving forward in a positive direction is a start, and she finally feels at peace about it!

“I want to start from the beginning.”

Ahhhhh #Exhale. I feel like this is a new beginning for me. FINALLY someone understands my thoughts, my actions. I told you Lisa Vanderpump was a smart woman. I knew she would see that I was just reacting to what I was being told. And who better to understand than someone who was put in the same position by the same person just last season! #DejaVu

It was very important that I had that lunch with Vanderpump. She told me straight up that I shouldn’t mess with her friend Kyle, and I respected that and her so much! I didn’t have a chance to tell anyone about what Lisa Rinna had told me. Well maybe it was that I didn’t want to make the situation worse for Rinna, because I didn’t want to be gossiping about my “friend.” But when I saw what Rinna was doing to me, you know, pretending like she didn’t tell me that “Kim is near death,” not defending me in any situation with Kyle and Kim, and acting like I was obsessed with Kim’s sobriety, I had to speak the #TRUTH. Vanderpump needed to know that I wasn’t the one trying to insert myself into someone’s business that wasn’t mine. Lisa Rinna was trying to use me as a way to keep this conversation relevant. #CAUGHT

I did what any sober woman would do after hearing someone I knew was on the path to destruction… I started to talk about it and try to help! My intentions have always been good! #CantSpeakForEveryone

Okay, so I didn’t go to Mexico… But if I did, I am SO Erika Jayne. #BURRITO #IWANTABURRITO

Seriously, how funny is she? Keep putting it out to the universe girl, and you’ll get that damn burrito!

The trip looked beautiful, but I think it was good I wasn’t there. It was the perfect time for Kyle to hear from a close friend (Vanderpump) that she may be reading into the “Kim” situation the wrong way. When I heard her say that she understood now where I was coming from that is all I wanted! #Understood

She didn’t blame me for saying anything I had said to her or Kim now, because she knew where I was coming from when I said it. The girls aren’t totally sold on my intentions yet I don’t think, and that’s okay. But knowing that Kyle doesn’t think I’m lying? That’s enough for me right now. #IDontLie

I think the preview for the rest of the season says it all… Sh–‘s about to go down! #Bitch

Note To Self: “Grieving is a process. I am a soul having a human experience.” Thanks, Eileen, for sharing Kelly with us… I loved this message.

I’ve said it multiple times, if I was told someone with one of my (many) ailments was, “close to death” I’d be doing everything I could to help them. Now that the ladies recognize where Eden is coming from, she can start fresh and they can see who she really is. LVP has been amazing to Eden so far this season, and I have a feeling that they will get closer as the season goes on.

Rinna better get ready, I have a feeling she has quite the RHOBH battle ahead of her!

Thoughts on Eden’s blog? Do you like Eden? Do you think she’ll get along with her co-stars moving forward? Were you glad to see LVP tell Kyle about Rinna? Will Rinna be feuding with her co-stars for the rest of the season?

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