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Is PK Kemsley “Comfortable” Appearing On RHOBH; Plus Does Dorit Worry About “The Bravo Curse?!”

Dorit and PK Kemsely are new to RHOBH, but it was clear from the season 7 premiere that PK loves the camera more than Dorit! PK comments on every situation, and he gets more involved in drama than his wife does; he’s also flashy and loves to show off for the Bravo cameras!

While many fans are still undecided if they like Dorit or not, it’s unanimous that PK is irritating and makes her less likable! In a recent interview with The Daily Dish, Dorit revealed that PK is “comfortable” on reality TV, and insists that they have a “solid” marriage!

PK’s cool. He likes it. He likes the thrill of it. As far as the negative attention, he just says, ‘Oh, who cares? We are who we are. The people that know us, know us. We don’t really have anything to really worry about in that regard,'” Dorit explained.

PK and Dorit’s love for each other has yet to be questioned, although RHOBH fans are quick to point out his infatuation with Lisa Vanderpump. It’s obvious that he loves his wife, and she is just as in love with him. I truly believe he is trying to mold Dorit into a LVP Jr., but he should back off on the flirting a little bit, it’s uncomfortable to watch; I can’t imagine actually being around it.

Dorit isn’t afraid of the “Bravo Curse,” because of the strong bond that she and PK share. “PK and I are so solid. We just are,” she dished. Adding, “We don’t really let outside influences come into our little tight bond because it’s me and him and we are so the yin and yang. We connect. I mean, I’m OK on my own, but then I’m with PK [and] I’m whole, and it’s the same for him. So therefore no outside influences and nothing that anyone can say can seep in or create waves between him and I.

We spend 24/7 together. And he knows every single thing there is to know and vice versa. Neither one of us make a big decision without checking or clearing or talking about it with the other one,” Dorit wrapped.

PK loves the camera way too much; none of the other RHOBH husbands are as fame-hungry, and it’s really not a good look! I personally think he’s trying to get a spin-off, starring himself, Dorit, and Boy George; that’s one I definitely wouldn’t watch. I think he needs to step back and let his wife be the star, it is called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after all.

In the words of Nene’s Leakes, PK needs to “stay out of women’s business!

Are you surprised PK is “comfortable” in front of the camera? Does PK make Dorit less likable? Do you think Dorit & PK have a “solid” marriage? Would you watch a Dorit/PK/Boy George spin-off? Would you watch? Is PK way too involved in the women’s business?

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