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Kandi Burruss Tucker Insists Her Friendships With Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams Are “UnRepairable!”

RHOA season 9 has been full of drama, and things are only going to get crazier!

Kandi Burruss Tucker is at the center of the controversy, and she’s now trying to clear her name after rumors of lesbian lovers, threesomes, and a sex dungeon have surfaced. Kandi has denied these allegations time and time again, and in a recent interview with TooFab.Com, she slammed her former friends Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams for their involvment in starting (and spreading) these stories!

It’s going to get worse. It gets so much worse. Like, sooo much worse,” Kandi revealed. Adding, “If you keep coming at me, you keep saying things about my family, you off in the streets telling people not to work with me, how much do you feel I’m allowing you to keep going before I start letting your ass have it?

Many have noticed that Kandi’s been way more vocal and opinionated than she ever has before, and she had a great explanation of why that is! “Ive always been honest, but back in the past, because at one point, me and the other girls were friends, I tried not to go too hard on them. Going into this season, I said, you know what, I’m just not taking anything. Anytime they come to me with some BS, I’m calling them out on it. And that’s what has happened. I’m not angry, I’m just not holding back,” Kandi confessed.

Kandi gave a sneak peak at what happened this season in her eyes, and I’m sure Porsha and Phaedra’s version of this story is VERY different.

Basically, they put in the super teaser about how me and Porsha are gonna have an argument later on and she’s like, ‘You and Todd tried to get us into a threesome,’” Kandi said.

Continuing, “A few years ago, TMZ blasted her for preaching about gays and lesbians. Now let’s be clear, I would have never said anything about Porsha ever about anything about that, had she not shaded the hell out of me saying I’m an undercover lesbian. I’ve even said on ‘Housewives’ that I’ve had a girl experience before. There is nothing in the closet about me, honey. I’m very happily married but I have had a girl on girl experience. I don’t feel like it was a problem,” Kandi asserted.

Then Kandi made some bombshell accusations; that it was actually Porsha who wanted more than a drunken kiss.

She and I, she’s kissed me in the club full out and said she wanted to do things to me, they gonna show it on the show. The point is, this girl changes her story so much. So when I confronted her on the show about it, for saying things she said about me, she came back with this story about me and Todd trying to do a threesome and that’s how that came about. When you get to see the full show, she’s saying it in response to me confronting her. Well, you’re saying this about me, but you and I kissed before. Clearly, if I’m supposed to be in the closet, then you must be,” Kandi claimed.

She also insisted that the only reason Porsha admitted to their kiss on RHOA was because Kandi “exposed their text messages on camera.

First, it’s ‘I would never do anything with her,’ until I had brought those text messages on her honey that showed her texting me a couple days later talking about how great everything … how much fun she had and how she would rape me on camera. Honey, make up your mind. Are you just gonna own it … or are you gonna keep trying to drag me. Why? Don’t drag me, I wasn’t dragging you,” she explained.

Kandi says that things are currently “unrepairable,” between Porsha, Phaedra, and herself, and she doesn’t plan on being on good terms with them ever again.

It’s definitely unrepairable at this point. In the past, I felt like it was repairable, but every time I would try to reach out to try to get some type of positive growth, they would do something else. It just got the point now where I’m like no, it’s so not repairable, it’s so broken at this point, I feel like we need to just stop talking about each other period. At this point, we’re not going to be friends, so let’s just stop,” Kandi insisted.

Some people are like, ‘you’ve gone so low, you’re so ratchet now.’ It is a little ratchet, I’m not gonna deny it, it’s a little ratchet. At least for me, it’s real. They gonna give you one story one minute and another the next minute and if you catch them off camera, it’s another story,” Kandi wrapped.

This storyline is so intense and a bit uncomfortable; I don’t want to hear about the cast accusing each other about their sexuality. Especially because we’ll never really know the truth of what went down behind closed doors.

Thoughts on Kandi’s interview? Do you believe her? Did Porsha want to go further than a kiss? Does Kandi have three-somes? Is this an uncomfortable storyline? Will Kandi, Phaedra, and Porsha ever be friends again?

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