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Dorit Kemsley Dishes On The Most Different Housewife; Plus Addresses Erika Girardi’s Singing “Hobby”

Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi are both fabulous women but their fabulousness didn’t exactly rub each other the right way when they first met and in fact the two got off on the wrong foot and haven’t been able to get back on track ever since.

During a recent stop at Watch What Happens Live! Dorit dished on her relationship with Erika and explains why she initially bashed Erika’s singing career; calling it a “hobby.”

“I didn’t meant to be rude. I didn’t really know much about her and at the time I heard she was a performer but I didn’t necessarily know that she was such a successful performer and artist,” Dorit explains.

Dorit goes on to reveal which Beverly Hills Housewife was the most different from her initial impressions of them.

“Erika,” Dorit reveals. “I think before I met her, I thought we’d be fast friends. I thought her and I were very similar but I didn’t know her. She takes a minute to get to know. She’s definitely more guarded.”

Do you think Dorit intentionally threw digs at Erika’s singing career? Are you surprised Dorit and Erika don’t get along better?

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