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Eden Sassoon Reveals She Doesn’t Think Kim Richards Is “Close To Death” & Insists It Wasn’t Her Intention To Be “Invasive” Towards Kyle Richards!

Eden Sassoon previously told us that she was brought onto RHOBH for a reason, and now that we’ve all been housewives fans for years, we can recognize when producers have an agenda in casting new women!

Eden gets deep, and she’s the first one to admit that. She was hopeful that she and Kyle would bond quickly, given they both have had to deal with addiction in their families; clearly Kyle wasn’t having any of it!

In this week’s Bravo Blog Eden revealed that now, following the season, she doesn’t think Kim Richards is close to death. She also opened up about her lunch with Kyle, and recognized that Kyle may have misinterpreted her questioning as “invasive,” but stood firm that she was only trying to help!

After going through the struggles to become sober, I realized that there’s no time in life to waste. If there’s a problem, why are we not talking about it and getting it resolved? That’s just how I am in my professional life, my dating life, my family life, and with my friendships. #ToThePoint

Here we are again, Lisa Rinna and I getting deep, fast. This year is all about the #LightningBolt. It’s a symbol that shocks, brings light, and creates energy to whatever it hits. By now you know I’m big on #Energy. And #DUH, I bought those pants #RetailTherapy. Rinna was bringing her own lightning bolt to the conversation. You can even see it on my face during our talk that I was slightly shocked. Saying that Kim was close to death? How can you not be shocked? I don’t think that Kim is close to death. I think she just needs to tap into her higher power to find her truth. However, as addicts, we are close to death at any point. You never know what could happen, so I didn’t look at Rinna’s comment as being malicious. I just understood what she meant.

I asked Kyle a lot of questions at lunch. Questions she didn’t want to hear or think about. But after Rinna told me that Kyle was her enabler, I felt like I had to get to know Kyle and understand where she was coming from to help Kim. Because I didn’t feel a very welcoming energy at #GameNight, I wanted to make it my mission to get to know Kyle, and for Kyle to get to know me. I think she will find out soon enough that I have a #HUGE heart. And as someone who knows the pain of being an addict, I don’t care who it is, or if I am close to them or not, I want to help! There is such an amazing life that comes from being sober and living your #Truth. I want that for anyone struggling. And if Kyle chooses not to talk about it with me, or her sister, I just hope Kim knows that I’m always here.

Kyle thought I was being invasive, asking questions about her mom. I didn’t mean to make her feel like that, but as the daughter of a recovering alcoholic (my mother), I know that it comes from somewhere. The more you know about how it started or who it may have been passed from, the more you can learn about yourself. It helps the whole sobriety process. One day I hope Kyle recognizes where I am coming from.

Note to Self: You can’t take it personally when others aren’t ready to look at the deeper meaning of things. #TheseThingsTakeTime

I’ve never been shy about my struggle with multiple autoimmune diseases, and while they are a completely different animal than addiction, I can see where Eden was coming from. Whenever I hear about someone new suffering, all I want to do is help; which first starts with asking a lot of questions. It’s just in my nature to want others to learn from my hardships, and I know for a fact that’s how Eden is as well!

Lisa Rinna was definitely the instigator of Eden’s first impression of Kim, and I’m curious if Kyle would have opened up a bit if Lisa wasn’t at lunch. Lisa also made it seem like Kyle was okay with talking about Kim’s issues, but as we’ve seen for years, she isn’t!

I’ve spoke to Eden multiple times and she doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body, she is a woman who’s all about uplifting other women. There is a shortage of that in the world, and ESPECIALLY on Bravo She’s grateful for the second chance she got at life, and she wants to assure Kim has the same. That being said, it’s impossible to help someone who doesn’t want it, and unfortunately I think Eden will learn that the hard way this season!

Thoughts on Eden’s Blog? Did she have pure intentions? Do you like Eden so far? Are you surprised Lisa Rinna said Kim was “close to death?” Would Kyle have opened up if Rinna wasn’t at lunch? Will Kim ever open up to Kim? Do you think Kim’s sober?

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