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Is Tom Sandoval Still Friends With Mike Shay?!

Last season Tom Sandoval was a huge part of rekindling the romance between Mike and Scheana Shay, after Mike admitted to being a drug addict and was afraid to face his wife alone.

Although Tom, Ariana, Scheana, and Mike were friends beyond the show, the divorce news was even a shock to the bartending couple! They recently spilled to The Daily Dish, and admitted they too were shocked by the split, but are not choosing sides just yet!

I mean, it was shocking when it first was on the table as a discussion topic, so by the time it actually came out that that was officially happening, it wasn’t so shocking. Obviously, Scheana’s a really close friend of ours, and Mike Shay is a friend of ours as well. It bummed me out a lot,” Ariana admitted.

Tom was more surprised at how quickly Scheana and Mike decided to divorce, and thinks they could have given it more time! “Obviously, it’s a sad thing. My personal opinion, I mean, obviously I’m not in the relationship, but I thought it was a little soon. Going for divorce should be a last-case scenario,” he explained.

While Ariana said that both Mike and Scheana are their friends, they haven’t spoken to him in a while.  “The last time I talked to Shay was a little bit ago, maybe about a month-and-a-half ago. I haven’t talked to him since. I don’t know if he feels like we’re all just gonna be friends with Scheana or whatever,” Tom revealed. Adding, “He disconnected from a lot of us on social media, pretty much all of us. But I reached out to him. I think he’s doing OK. I hope he’s doing OK. But yeah, I would like to talk to him at some point, see how he’s doing.

He continued, “I’m just gonna play things as they happen. I don’t know exactly the whole story. I don’t like to just jump on board and take somebody’s side blindly, right off the bat, nor do I really want to take sides in this situation,” Tom confessed.

Ariana made it clear that she and Tom have not felt “any pressure” to choose sides by the estranged couple. “I think she has her good days and bad days, like anybody else. I think that there are days when she really just needs to either be by herself or be with close friends, and then there’s days where she’s feeling great and she’s got a lot going on, she’s staying busy. But I think, overall, Scheana has been really strong. We’ve had some pretty serious text message conversations about life and how she’s doing. I think that she’s figuring it out,” she wrapped.

I think Shay feels intimidated by the whole VPR crew, but if anything Tom would be the kindest and empathetic towards his situation. I can see Scheana (and her girls) getting upset if Ariana and Tom are still okay with Mike; that may be a season 6 storyline!

Thoughts on Tom and Ariana’s interview? Should they choose a side? Why do you think Mike lost touch with everyone? Did they decide to divorce too quickly?

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