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Eden Sassoon Talks Kim Richards & Lisa Rinna’s Feud; Who Was Her “Allegiance” To At Game Night?!

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On Tuesday night’s RHOBH Eden Sassoon met the rest of her co-stars, and right off the bat she witnessed just how intense reality TV can be!

Eden was a blast at game night, and her co-stars all noticed what a fun, wise woman she is. Eden was actually the one who put an end to Kim and Lisa’s fighting, and she even got Rinna to apologize!

In this week’s Bravo Blog Eden dished on her first impression of her RHOBH co-stars. She also admits that she was able relate to both sides of Kim and Lisa’s feud, and while she felt stuck in the middle, ultimately her allegiance was to Lisa Rinna!

“Let the games begin.” Thank you, Kyle!

I kind of wish we were all naked (#FreeLove), but I guess it didn’t matter. Dorit was already undressing me with her eyes. And remember, I told you guys last week that the only games I like to play are with men!

Game night was so f—ing fun! Was I nervous? Not at all. Did Kim remember me? Yes, and she got the biggest Eden hug! Was everyone drunk? A few. Did I look good? Hot, check! Was I still good at games? #Winner 

Watching it back, when I first walked in the queen greeted me with a bit of a cold shoulder (said in a British accent). Happy to say she warmed up to me and quickly popped a squat poolside for a great talk. It was cut short thanks to a few of the women. #DRAMA

I was sitting there thinking, who are these women and WTF are they talking about. Who does this after all the fun we just had? They’re obviously pros at these types of games. 

I honestly didn’t know what they were talking about. There was so much back and forth, I just sat there with a blank stare. As the one who always tries to understand the deeper meaning of things, this one was even too much for me to figure out. #MatrixMind

I let the girls battle it out until I heard a different conversation that was hitting too close to home. I couldn’t just sit there and listen to Lisa Rinna and Kim go at it. On one hand, I have my friend, who I just gave a healing crystal to, which was supposed to release toxic and emotional old pain and blocked energy (#DidntWork), and another woman who I relate to through sobriety, and they’re about to throw down… I felt like my allegiance was with Rinna, but I felt Kim’s deep sadness, and they weren’t hearing each other. As much as I didn’t want to get involved, I personally couldn’t watch them go at one another without speaking my truth. If I could stop and get them to hear each other, I felt like I could shift the energy. 

If for nothing else, at least I got taken from behind at my first game night. #DownwardDog 

On a lighter note, I love that Rinna knows I have no judgment and admire her. We go deep, quick. She said, “You see me and hear me.” I mean does it get better than that? It feels good to connect, unfortunately, through the loss of sisters and fathers. Always when we’re together, I reassure her that it’s okay to be her and feel what she’s feeling. #Truth 

Rinna asked me, “What are you afraid of?” I’m afraid of everyone leaving or pushing everyone away. 

Well, if crystal therapy didn’t work, maybe retail therapy will! I’m going to need my kind of therapy (#Acupuncture #Pilates #Chiropractor #Massage #Bumble) after Rinna and I start to dig ourselves a big hole. #PassTheShovel

Note to self: Bring Rinna BIGGER crystals. #Healing

I thought that Kim seemed distant towards Eden, there’s got to be more to the story than Kim wanted to address. You’d think that she would want to catch up with Eden, and celebrate that they are both sober, but clearly she did not.

I thought it was very telling that Eden was the one who put an end to Kim and Lisa’s fighting; this makes her an asset to the cast from their first meeting. You heard it here first, Eden’s the refreshing addition that RHOBH needed!

Thoughts on Eden’s blog? Why was Kim so icy towards Eden? Are you surprised Eden stopped the drama? Can you believe she got Rinna to apologize? Do you like Eden? Will she be on RHOBH next season?

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