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Peter Thomas Blames Cynthia Bailey For Divorce & Claims He’s Currently Filming A Spinoff With RHOA Producers!

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Yesterday we shared part of Peter Thomas’ interview on local Charlotte morning show ‘Midday With Vonyetta, and he didn’t hold back in bashing Phaedra Parks, and defending her ex Apollo.

Clearly Peter’s trying to earn his own peach, and on the same show he opened up about his divorce from Cynthia Bailey, which he confirmed has already been finalized, and we will see it at the end of the season.

Of course Peter took no responsibility for the split, and blamed everything on Cynthia.

I knew that it was coming. Because Cynthia the kinda person…  when she walk in a room, she already looking for the backdoor. Cynthia Bailey and I took vows and said we were gonna ride together til the end. Cynthia Bailey got off that train when I was still on it, so I’m still in my feelings about that. Cause when I’m in something, I’m 1000 percent in it,” Peter explained.

Continuing, “I also said I didn’t want anything from the divorce. I could split the salary that she gets, but why am I doing that? I’m a hustler, she isn’t. I teach her how to hustle – so let her keep that salary. I know I could pick myself up, dust myself off and go out and get it again.

Peter also insisted that the alleged “cheating video” was misrepresented. “I’m not looking around to see what’s better – I’m with the person that I’m with,” he said.

Peter had his fair share of troubles in the restaurant/nightlife industry, and he cited Cynthia failing to support his career as a big part of their split.

If you don’t believe in what I do for a living, than you don’t believe in me, so that was the demise of our marriage. So that started 4/5 years ago. ” he recalled. He claimed even Leon agreed with his perspective (and supposedly admitted this on RHOA). He went on, “One of the things that Leon said was, ‘You was busy doing you and Peter was busy helping you and doing Peter at the same time.’ Everybody recognized it around her that I helped her get to where she is. Cynthia Bailey wasn’t a business person; Cynthia Bailey was a girl who punched the clock for the modeling thing for 25 years. I told her that you have a name, which is a brand, and you should turn that brand into something and I helped her,” he ranted.

He went on to admit that the exposure from RHOA helped he and Cynthia in their careers, but declared that the “stress” of filming definitely didn’t help their marriage.

We didn’t make time for each other. Our home was never our home anymore. Everyday when you get up in the morning the glam squad is there; if the glam squad is not there then Bravo people are there, and five days a week. Your home is not a sanctuary anymore, it’s like a workplace. So we never really had any time together. And Cynthia wasn’t probably as skillful as a lot [of Housewives] when it came to doing the show. So what usually ended up happening is that she would go to bed talking to NeNe; she used to wake up talking to NeNe … And when her and NeNe fell out, then it becomes her and [Claudia Jordan], and then after her it was Kenya. They always have to have alliance going on,” he revealed.

He of course insisted that he doesn’t fall victim to this “alliance” obsession. “I’m always true to me,” he boasted. Adding, “There’s a certain respect factor that I maintained toward, a certain integrity I maintained toward all seven seasons doing this show. When we were together, we should’ve stayed together!

Finally he spilled on some behind the scenes deats of RHOA, and it seems that Bravo may have something to do with his sense of entitlement.

I’m on the contract with Bravo. They said ‘Hawaii,’ I said ‘I’m there!‘ It’s a great payday and it’s a great experience being around those people. I’ve been an alumni in the Housewife franchise for the last seven years. And I had fun with the trip. I had fun being around Cynthia. I don’t have those emotional feelings towards her. I cut that off,” he exposed.

We are friends,” Peter said about Cynthia. Continuing, “When a relationship is over for me, it’s over for me. I am attached to Noelle. Noelle just spent a weekend here with me in Charlotte.” Also divulging that he’s still friends with Leon.

He caught us up on his current love life, and shockingly Peter is in a new relationship, but he he’s not ready to identify this (un) lucky lady is yet. “People are very critical and very judgmental. The person that I’m slinging with – they don’t want to look like they a home wrecker, or a jump off,” he said.

Peter claims that he is actually working on a show of his own for Bravo right now, and the executive RHOA producer Carlos King is producing his project, “Building Bar One.

We cast around 15 people… They should be shooting a pilot for it by the end of January, beginning of February. Bravo knows, or I should say True Entertainment [which produces RHOA], knows what they’re getting from me. The people we have cast… they’re very excited about those people. I’m crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that it’s a go,” Peter wrapped.

If by chance “Building Bar One” does get picked up, I am NOT watching. Best of luck Peter, but I hope you’re done on TV once RHOA season 9 is over!

Thoughts on Peter’s interview? Are you surprised he blamed the divorce on Cynthia? Are you shocked he has a new girlfriend? Do you believe he’s filming his own show? Will you watch?

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