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AATRH Exclusive: Who Is Eden Sassoon & What Role Will She Play In RHOBH Season 7 Drama?!

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RHOBH season 7 is off to a great start, but things are going to get even better with tonight’s arrival of Eden Sassoon!

Eden’s father was beauty legend Vidal Sassoon, who single handedly had the greatest affect on the hair industry. Eden is currently carrying on his legacy with her own salon EDEN by Eden Sassoon. Not only that, but she’s already made a huge name for herself in the Pilates world (EDEN by Eden Sassoon Pilates), by building her own legacy of thriving studios!

Eden is a mother and friend who isn’t afraid to speak her truth. She’s deep and cares immensely about other people. After chatting with her I felt inspired and excited; I gather she has that affect on people. She’s healing her body from the inside out, all the while making a lasting impression on everyone she encounters!

Eden’s arrival on RHOBH clearly caused a stir amongst some of the cast, but after getting to know her better it’s clear that her intentions are pure and her heart is open! Check out our exclusive interview with Eden below, and find out why we are proud members of the #SassSquad!

Are you excited for you’re RHOBH debut?

Yes, I’m excited. It’s not as easy as it looks; There are multiple levels of people and their families, a lot of moving parts.

Was being on a reality show what you expected?

I expected to show up as Eden and be myself, I did that. But was it exactly what I expected? In general I try not to have expectations, but that’s not always possible. 

What about your co-stars, were they what you expected?

(Laughs) That’s funny, because that comes up. In general I hope that people will be kind and loving; you know, they treat you the way you treat them. As you know that doesn’t always happen. As a result, there are misinterpretation or hurt feelings; issues you have to work through.

How did you join the show in the first place, some are speculating through Lisa Vanderpump?

No, it was actually Rinna. Lisa Vanderpump was an old friend of my father’s, so that was a great extra-added connection to the group. It ended up helping me throughout the season; thank god I had her.

What was your relationship with Lisa Rinna like before the show?

We were friends through 2 degrees of separation. When we met, we connected and the rest is history!

Since you joined RHOBH a few weeks into the season, did you know what happened in the beginning?

No, to be honest I don’t even know what happens throughout the season. I know what I put out and what I did, but none of us know how it will play out. I’m told they love me in editing….they joke, ‘did she really just say that?’ My response is simple, ‘you speak Eden now.’

Speak Eden?

I’m not afraid to go there, we’re going to have tough, uncomfortable conversations; at the end of the day we have to do it. Some of the women came at me almost in ‘attack mode,’ asking if I’m always this deep. My defense is, ‘this who I am, who I’ll always be. If you can’t handle me, I think you need to do some soul searching of your own.’

A few weeks ago there were stories in the media about you being at odds with the whole season 7 cast. What was it like to read negative stories about yourself? Did jealousy come into play about you joining once the season had already been underway?

 I’m not so sure about jealousy, but this is a group of women who are used to things getting dark; just look at last season! I only saw bits and pieces, but in my opinion that was completely uncalled for. Had I been there; things would have been different, I would have spoken up. Now I come in and I take things to a deeper level of meaning and reality. I wanted everyone to look at these conflicts from a different perspective. Everyone has their point of view and the drama kind of stems from there.

Initially, I know there were whispers, ‘who is this voice, where did she come from, and why is she here.’ Some even wondered ‘why is she hugging me.’ Why? Because we’re human and that’s the way I respond in sensitive situations, I genuinely care.

Did you watch the show before joining?

No. Of course I live in Beverly Hills so I hear everything….but I have a big life; I’m single, I’ve got 2 kids, 2 businesses, I’m all over the place! For a while I was said to be ‘on the radar,’ (to join RHOBH) but that wasn’t the right time for me. My father had just passed, my marriage had just ended, I just had started building my businesses. At a certain point the stars aligned, and it just felt right; I had an ‘I’m ready’ moment!

Considering some sensitive topics that come up, I feel I’m in the spot to shine light where light is needed.

The only other newbie this season is Dorit Kemsley, how did you two get along?

We completely hit it off; that never changes throughout the season, but we do go through some waves. You’ll see a few times I’m called Switzerland this season; Switzerland has to play it’s role, so that affects us a bit; the whole thing took a toll on me.

I reached out to her after the cast photo (from the premiere party) where she and Erika had awkward tension. I wanted her to know that I’m here for her; I don’t take instances like that lightly. I could see it in her that she was upset.

You’ve been open about the great relationship you have with your ex-husband, will we see your kids on the show?  

Yes, my kids are involved. My ex-husband and I are friends, but he wasn’t totally on board at first. He’s definitely warming up to it though. My ex’s wife and I are very good friends, and my ex-sister-in-law is still like my sister.

He’s just worried about how this will affect the kids. I sat him down and pointed out that this is how I was raised, he knows that. We are in Beverly Hills this is the lifestyle sometimes. He had more of an issue with ‘reality TV’ than he did them living in the spotlight.

He supports me speaking my truth, but he’s fearful of editing and how situations will come across. He is in production. He knows I am using the show as a positive platform, but he also knows how things can get turned behind the scenes.

Overall he’s warming up to the idea, they are a part of my story.

(Eden’s big, happy, blended family- see below!)

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I pointed out that unfortunately for Brandi Glanville, a big part of her only being portrayed as a villain was because her children weren’t on the show; we never saw the sweet, mommy side of her!

Exactly, that’s what I said to him. I told him I need to be honest with viewers, I’m not going to do the show if I can’t show every part of me, being a mom is my biggest role in life!

We were set to start filming and  he tried to go back on his word. It took a minute of me getting very heated (which I don’t like to do) but he finally agreed for good. Things had gone too far for us to jump ship now.

I told him to come, be a part of the show if he’s worried; he can be behind the scenes. He knows I’d never put my kids in harms way, they are always my first priority.

How old are your kids?

Olivia is 11, and Tyler is 10.

You mentioned after last season’s dark storylines you wanted to bring some positive; is there a specific reason you think you were brought on the show?

Yes, I seek my healing. I eat clean, I do acupuncture, Pilates, I don’t put poisons in my body to alter my mind to act a different way. This is me; I give a different take on things. I want to live a positive, healthy life.

There are all sorts of rumors regarding your intentions on the show with Kim Richards. After talking to you, it’s clear you wouldn’t put your reputation on the line to take down another woman’s sobriety. Is there anything you can tell me about this?

 You’ll see exactly how things play out, but you hit the nail on the head. I’m not some sobriety expert, nor do I claim to be. However, it’s affected multiple people in my family and myself; my only intentions here were to help.

We’re talking about 2 sisters here who have been at this for 7 years, and then I come in and really play a role on this storyline. I don’t take this lightly, the truth will be told!

You’re a successful woman who owns a hair salon and Pilates studios, can you tell me more about your businesses?

My first Pilates studio opened 9 years ago. When my father was sick he sat me down and asked what I was going to do with my life! I had just had 2 kids and settled into life as a mom, but he knew I had potential and the drive to succeed. Within 3 months I had found a location and got to work on building my brand.

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I had been going to class every single day to transform my body from the inside out. I was going through so much in my life and this wasn’t just a physical thing for me, it was life changing.

Image Source: Instagram

Later, my dad was in the ICU and miraculously made it through. Once he was released he was pushing me further. My father did so much for the world and it wasn’t just about hair; I realized I had a legacy to carry on. The salon came about soon after. I’m using the salon to grow my own non-profit (Beauty Gives Back) and unite the industry around it. That’s what my motivation is.

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I opened a second Pilates studio earlier this year, and I’d love to open more. As for expanding my salon; it’s a beast in it’s own, it really is. I have huge dreams for my brand. I’m a lover and supporter, which is different for this cut-throat industry. I have to be careful whom I trust. Thankfully right now I have a powerful team who I love and trust!

Image Source: Eden Sassoon

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Oh yes, that’s a whole-nother level of healing. It would be a very emotional process for me; I have many stories!

Are you dating right now?

I meet people along the way; they come in and go out just as fast. If I pick up on something I don’t like I realize it right away. I’ve been through too much to let a man get me down. This of course is something I’m working through right now. Part of me is scared of being alone, and part of me is comfortable and happy being alone; does that make sense? (I told her it does!)

Overall, was joining the show a positive experience for you?

It was positive for me, but it was not easy. I learned so much about myself; being on this ride took a lot of time and energy. It was a short period of time and I got so much out of it. Being on a show like this you have to be strong and willing to be authentic. Not everyone always lives their truth in a situation like this, but at the end of the day I can say that I did. That’s just the kind of person that I am.

Did you walk away from the season with any friends in the group?

It depends what you mean by ‘friend.’ Some of my friends I’ve had my entire life, I’m a loyal person. Those who I’ve met on my journey in sobriety, those are real people who I genuinely love. They are people who know me on every level, and would be there for me no matter what.

Have I made those types of friends this season, no; Absolutely not. Do I trust that any of these women would always be there for me, no. I recently celebrated 4 years sobriety; some of my co-stars reached out and it was so sweet. Was I shocked by some of those who didn’t, no.

Some of these women don’t have consideration for other people. I just am not like that, I always care about other people. Even when people hurt me, I still want to be there for them; that’s something I’m working on. Boundaries, that’s my keyword for this season!

Thank you Eden for taking the time chat with us, we can’t wait to catch up again! Join us to live tweet RHOBH tonight at 9 (@allaboutTRH), and make sure to follow @SassEden to keep up with her all season!

Thoughts on Eden’s interview? Are you excited for her to join the show? Thoughts on the role she’ll play? Are you surprised she’ll go at it with Kim and Kyle? Did you know of Vidal Sassoon? Are you enjoying RHOBH season 7 so far? Thoughts on what role LVP will play in regards to Eden vs. Kim?

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