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Lea Black Defends RHOM & Slams Bravo For Not Giving Them A Fair Chance!

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We told you recently that Andy Cohen confirmed the cancellation of RHOM. After much speculation he finally came clean on the future of the franchise while on his book tour; simply stating, “it didn’t work out!

Lea Black was the Queen Bee of Miami, and she has remained interactive with fans on social media, using her time on the show as a platform to promote her many ventures! She finally spoke out on Andy’s recent news, and she is the first of the cast to address the cancellation.

For three years, now remember, we only did 30 episodes, let’s start there. But somehow, I’m still on everybody’s radar because for three years I [still] gets tweets, Facebook, Instagram all the time, on the street, especially in L.A. ‘Oh my God, when is the show coming back,’” she explained on her new web series, Lunch With Lea.

Continuing, “Because I’m respectful of Bravo and respectful of the network, I don’t want to speak in their behalf unlike other people that just make up stuff and go spread it around, trying to get pressing pictures, it’s so desperate, it makes me cringe.

Then she got into the good stuff and talked further about why she thinks the show was axed for good.

It wasn’t the ratings because the ratings were equal to many of the other shows on the air at the time so I don’t think it was the ratings. The scheduling might have had something to do with it because they [Bravo] changed every week, it was on a different night or different times so that was a little confusing. I always feel like Miami didn’t have its own identity. The first year it was going to be a different show, then they changed it to Housewives. The second year got some traction and started to create an identity but then it didn’t have it’s own identity and I feel like they were trying to push the identity of hot bodies, Latin women and sexy swimsuits – that’s not an identity, that’s not sustainable. That’s just eye candy, it’s fleeting, who cares,” Lea explained.

Adding, “I always felt like [RHOM] didn’t have it’s own identity and I know the show wasn’t bad because of fabulous me. But I do think that after 30 episodes it doesn’t really give you a lot of traction and I felt that it got too dark. I don’t think people are interested or entertained by haters and plotters and viciousness. I mean when you have cast members doing Santeria on people it’s gotten too dark so for me that’s what happened. I wasn’t fun, upbeat and hilarious and it didn’t have the identity that it needed and Miami does have an identity of it’s own for sure I mean it’s a first class city with lots of crazy things going on.

She kept on going; clearly this is a topic she’s thought A LOT about! “So those are just my thoughts on it. I could be right or I could be wrong but anyways that’s what I think and you know I wish everyone well, wish the producers well, Bravo and the other shows well. And for me it was just a blip on my radar, it was four years, 30 episodes, three seasons out of my life. I met some interesting people, some of it was a bit of fun and I learned some hard lessons you know things you not only experienced in life, like people willing to do anything for attention,” Lea wrapped!

I’ve been saying it since the beginning, I liked RHOM, and I know a lot of other people who did as well! I think Bravo could have done a better job with casting; it was clear some of the ladies didn’t work, but they never got the boot.

I wish that Andy would give RHOM one more chance and change up some of the cast! I’d like to see Lisa Hochstein, Larsa Pippen, Lea Black, and a few new women. The network kept trying to capitalize on Mama Elsa, and that’s just not something the fans were into. I did like Marysol Patton until I found out she was BFF with Kathy Wakile, now she’s off my cast list!

Miami has it’s own flavor and mega money; that needed to be shown more! I’m with Lea; I think Andy pulled the plug too soon!

Thoughts on RHOM being cancelled? Did you like RHOM? Thoughts on Lea’s interview? Did RHOM need more women? Did the network not give the ladies a fair shot? Who’s your RHOM dream cast?

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