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What’s Erika Girardi’s Secret To Keeping Her Composure On RHOBH?!

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Erika Girardi has proven she’s more than a gorgeous blonde with a great sense of humor; she is a force to be reckoned with on RHOBH!

Her friend Yolanda Hadid introduced her to the show, and declared last season that, “Erika is one of the smartest girls in this group.” When Yolanda first said that I wasn’t so sure what she meant, but by the season 6 reunion I was 100% Team Erika. Her smarts are a bit surprising, but she genuinely has fun and is open to new people; what’s better to watch than that? She became a fan-favorite and RHOBH viewers couldn’t wait for her return.

Erika recently sat down with EXTRA and shared her secret to maintaining her composure last season, no booze, at all! “My first season I was completely sober — did not have a drink at all… I knew things would escalate, and I knew that that’s where you could get into trouble,” Erika admitted.

As for her second season; It’s safe to assume she’s been having a few drinks throughout season 7 since she was “starting with a margarita, and ending with a margarita” on Tuesday’s episode.

We watched Erika have her first face-off against newbie Dorit Kemsley, and after the episode aired it was clear that Lisa Vanderpump was instigating, and PK is who she should have been upset with, not Erika.

She also called Dorit out on the annoying (somewhat) fake accent that she refuses to lose. I think it’s creepy that PK couldn’t stop looking; could that be a sign of trouble in the bedroom at home? It was espically odd that Dorit didn’t blame him at all, something seems off with this couple. Erika previously revealed that Dorit is the one with the problem, not her! She reiterated this exact sentiment to Mario Lopez.

When speaking about Dorit, Erika stated, “she has some very strong opinions of me.

It’s sort of safe to assume that Dorit’s dislike for Erika spills over to her friend Lisa Vanderpump, and Tuesday night’s display shown light on Lisa’s tendency to be “a sniper from the side!

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For what it’s worth, I loved Erika’s dress; I’m glad she didn’t ruin it with underwear-lines! Dorit needs to stop “getting her panties in a bunch.” Literally.

Are you shocked Erika stayed sober for RHOBH season 6? Do you think she did the same for season 7? Should Erika have worn panties? Did Dorit over-react? Did Lisa Vanderpump instigate the situation? Are you team Erika or team Dorit?

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