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Eileen Davidson Defends Her Girl Crush Erika Girardi – Thinks People Should Leave Her Body Out of It!

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Eileen has a well documented girl crush on Erika Jayne. So much she pretty much gave her the ultimate bday gift and is her biggest fan. Eileen also has Erika’s back and doesn’t think that other should be sitting around discussing her body and let’s others know. Taking to her Bravo Blog Erika discusses what she thinks of the underwear scandal:

What did Erika ever do to have her body discussed so crudely? It was obvious she was not intentionally flashing anybody. She was sitting with a napkin over her lap in the company of friends. And even if she were INADVERTENTLY exposed for a second, then the right action would have been for PK to let his wife know, so she could discreetly tell Erika. And the idiocy of him saying, “Maybe Erika’s bits are available for the world?” No, PK. Erika’s body is hers, and talking about her like she’s an object is not acceptable.

Erika is a wife, a mother, and an all-around terrific human being. I was shocked by the vulgarity in which PK and Dorit chose to discuss this situation.
It’s unfortunate that this is how Erika and Dorit are getting to know each other. I like them both, and I was hoping they would be good friends. Chances are…?

I was more team Erika than team Dorit last episode so I’m interested to see how the remainder of the season plays out. I think it’s nice that Eileen always has Erika’s back and am sure Erika appreciates it.

Thoughts on the latest episode? Do you think Dorit and PK were out of line?

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