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Mohamed Hadid’s House Is On the Market – You Won’t Belive the Asking Price!

Saying that Mohamed Hadid is a rich man would be more than an understatement. We know that the wealthy regular on RHOBH is far from wanting anything; however I don’t think most of us realized how much he was actually worth.

When we see the average ‘real housewife’ home they are no doubt luxurious and beautiful. They are also out of (most of our) budgets, usually ranging from $1 million and up. There are of course the exceptions but I would say most of the homes would go for between $1 – $7 million.

Mohamed Hadid’s house on the other hand is in a completely different level. The house of Hadid is currently on the market for….$85 million!

Why wasn’t Mr. Hadid one of my professors back when I was in business school? I need to be learning from him as he clearly knows a thing or two.

According to reports, Mohamed sold the home in 2010 for $50 million. The buyers never moved in so he and Shiva have been leasing the home, called Le Belvédère, ever since and have recently put it back on the market.

The home is beyond extravagant and it looks like Mauricio’s company The Agency is the one selling it. Check out the gorgeous photos for yourself:

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The home sits on 2.2 acres, has 10 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Luxuries in the 40,000 square ft. home include a winery and the infamous Moroccan themed room that we saw on RHOBH.

Not only is the home on the market for $85 million, the upkeep alone are going to cost a fortune! Looks like whoever purchases this one is going to have some serious wealth on their hands. Perhaps it will be a future housewife that moves in?

Thoughts on the home? Would you want to move in?

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