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Is THIS Lala Kent’s Sugar Daddy?!?!?

Lala kent married boyfriend
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Oh, Daddy!

Lala Kent may continue to deny she’s a sugar baby but the cracks in her story are starting to show as we get more clues about who her rumored boyfriend sugar daddy is.

If you don’t know, the Pump Rules crew revealed that Lala is a kept woman with a sugar daddy that pays for everything from her designer purses to her new Range Rover but what makes this scandalous situation even juicier is the fact that Lala’s sugar daddy is a married man!

A fascinating post went up on a Vanderpump Rules fan page on Facebook that reveals who Lala’s Sugar Daddy might be.

In the post, a fan poses a theory that Randall Emmett may be Lala’s married boyfriend.

So who is Randall Emmett?

Well, he’s a 45 year old married movie producer, who has a daughter with his wife, actress Ambyr Childers. Oddly enough Ambyr looks very similar to Lala. Perhaps Randall has a type.

Lala landed a role in the new Nicholas Cage movie, Arsenal, and is rumored to have gotten the part by sleeping with one of the producers. Randall just happens to be one of the producers on the film.

According to the fan’s theory, she found further “proof” that Randall is Lala’s sugar daddy on the movie producers own Instagram account where he’s shown rocking a bracelet that’s identical to the bracelet Lala’s boyfriend is wearing in a now deleted post.

I did a little digging on IMDB.com and found that Lala is in fact in the upcoming movie Arsenal as Lauryn Kent and that Randall is listed having some connection to the film but it doesn’t say in what capacity. Several people are listed as “assistants to Randall Emmett.” Also, I couldn’t locate an Instagram account for Randall, but his Facebook page does have pictures of him wearing a similar looking bracelet to Lala’s boyfriend, but a million guys could own that bracelet. After looking at pictures of Randall I do think it could be him with Lala in the above photo.

While all of this is quite juicy, none of it confirms who Lala’s boyfriend/benefactor is. Time will only tell if all the details of  Lala’s dirty little secret come to light.

Do you believe Lala has a sugar daddy? Could this Randall guy be the mystery man in Lala’s life?

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