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AATRH Exclusive Interview With Comedian And Podcaster Extraordinaire Kate Casey!

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A few weeks ago, Jenna and I had the pleasure of heading down to Washington D.C. to see Kate Casey and Heather McDonald’s standup show at the Howard Theatre and let me tell you – it’s was one hilarious and fabulous show! I highly suggest you see these two live if you can! So funny!

If you aren’t familiar with Kate Casey, let me fill you in. Kate is a comedian and writer who covers pop culture, as well as celebrity and reality gossip among other things. Sounds right up your alley, doesn’t it?

Kate also writes super funny recaps covering your favorite reality shows (Housewives, The Bachelor, Vanderpump Rules, etc.) on her site loveandknuckles.com.  And if Kate couldn’t be any more talented she proves she’s a triple threat with her podcast, Reality Life, where she covers pop culture, celebrity gossip, and interviews with current and past reality stars.

After Kate’s show in DC, Jenna and I got the chance to hang out and talk with Kate which was so much fun that we decided to do a little interview and let our readers get to know Kate better!

Read on to hear Kate dish on Housewives, comedy and so much more!

AATRH: Do you ever get nervous before a standup show?

Kate Casey: I actually don’t get nervous, which my husband thinks is weird. 

 What are your pre-show rituals?

I read through bullet points and make notes. 

 You and Heather [McDonald] were so funny during your show in DC – how did you two meet and become friends?

I tweeted her a recap of one of my shows and she asked me to call her. We had a hilarious phone conversation and then she asked me to appear on her podcast. It sort of felt like we were long lost cousins or sorority sisters at an unaccredited online university. 

 How did you get started blogging and doing standup?

I started writing after the birth of my first child at the urging of a friend. I made a resolution to try standup on January 1st and started booking shows in February. 

 Was working in comedy always a dream of yours?

Absolutely! I got side tracked by a dream to work in politics and then a career in media consulting for law firms. I still hope to write a screenplay and have a television show. 

What is your favorite Housewives franchise?

My favorite franchise to write about is Real Housewives of Orange County, because it amuses me most. I love Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm, but my favorite show to watch is 90 Day Fiance, which I believe is a national treasure. 

 Who are your favorite and least favorite Housewives?

I love watching and relate most to Bethenny, but found not much in common with Alexis Bellino from Orange County. 

 Have any of the Housewives ever called you out?

Heather Dubrow once told me she loved to read my recaps, even though I tease her. I think she understands that if I am taking that much time to pay to attention to your personal quirks it is flattering. 

 You live in the OC, but you’re originally from Philadelphia. Do you consider yourself more of an East Coast or West Coast girl?

I still consider myself an East Coast girl. I feel like an outsider living in Orange County, especially since I am pale and wear a one-piece bathing suit. 

 What does your family think of what you do?

My husband never reads anything I write unless it is a love letter to him or my kids. He watches war movies to relax, which I find way more horrifying than an episode of Sister Wives or Jersey Shore. My sister doesn’t watch reality television, but she’s my best audience. 

 Who is your favorite podcast guest so far?

I just interviewed Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules and thought he was probably the nicest person I have ever met. He’s very earnest and is totally in love with his wife, which I like in a man. I also thought Mark Long from Road Rules was really funny and charming. 

Do you have a favorite Housewives moment – like Kelly Bensimon’s Scary Island, Teresa’s Table Flip, Kyle and Kim’s limo fight, etc.?

I could watch Scary Island on repeat. Bethenny’s reactions to Kelly’s breakdown mirrors my own with my family on national holidays. Oh! I also really loved Alexis Bellino throwing her daughters a puppy and princess party. 

Your Instagram is full of hilarious pictures; my favorites are the #sameright photos where you imitate a celebrity photo. Which celebs are your favorite to poke fun at?

I love to imitate Kim Kardashian’s outfits, because there have been a couple gems. Did you see the picture where I put saran wrap around my legs to imitate her clear boots? I am proud of my parody of Beyonce hanging on a jungle gym in wedge heels. (A few kids rode by on bikes and screamed at me). As for housewives there is no better person to parody than Erika Jayne, whose life is like an episode out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. 

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 Which Housewives franchise would you join if you could?

I would probably fit in best in New York, although I could be the fun friend in Orange County who wears J. Crew and hasn’t had her boobs done. 

 We know Heather McDonald is good friends with Tamra and Shannon from RHOC, are you close with any of the Housewives?

I am friendly with a few, but I have yet to be invited to a wedding or a baptism celebration. 

Here’s Kate showing AATRH some love after her show!

Image Source: AllAboutTRH.COM

A BIG thank you to Kate for chatting with us! Make sure you go check out Kate’s blog and podcast and be sure to follow her on social media too!

Thoughts on our chat with Kate? Which Housewives moment is your favorite?

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