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“Reality” TV? RHONY’s Caught Faking Scenes!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

We all know that the Real Housewives aren’t always real. Obviously the ladies aren’t all vacationing together and editing does take it’s toll in order to make a storyline. While all good Bravo fans know this, sometimes the harsh reality still catches us by surprise and such is the case with the current filming of RHONY.

Reports are stating that the next season of RHONY is less like a reality show and more like a movie set. While these ladies are rich they certainly aren’t living their ever day reality with all of the amenities they have.

The ladies look like movie stars while wearing robes, walking down the streets of NYC and having professionals on hand to make sure they look good:

Image Source: Radar Online
Image Source: Radar Online

Making it even more ridiculous? Craft services was on hand to provide a buffet for the ladies, making it clear that they were shooting “scenes” and not walking down the street capturing their reality:

Image Source: Radar Online
Image Source: Radar Online

Also on set was Luann also wearing a white robe and Dorinda Medley who magically went from a glamorous white jumpsuit to workout clothes, most likely filming two separate scenes.

I say we keep an eye out for these scenes next season of RHONY and see just how bad the fake reality is.

As an avid Bravo watcher, I completely understand that certain scenes need to be manipulated in order to make the storyline make sense but this is almost insulting. To have professional hair/makeup artists, craft services and wardrobe changes is a scripted TV show, not reality. I think the ladies have got a little to big and their diva demands are getting out of hand. At the end of the day, they are reality stars – they are not Angelina Jolie filming a NYC movie. While I’m still a huge fan, if they continue to go in the “over the top staged scenes” route I feel like they will lose a lot of fans. The show got big on showing actual lives, and this seems far from reality.

Do you think the diva demands have got out of hand? Do you think they have drifted too far from reality?

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