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Kyle from Bravo’s “Below Deck” Has Another Love Child On the Way!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

While we are a blog dedicated to the Real Housewives, when a juicy Bravo story comes along we can’t resist reporting on it!

Below Deck is another Bravo guilty pleasure of mine. The drama both with the guests and while they are off work are equally juicy. Someone who has brought a lot of spice to the show this season? Kyle, the apple loving, street performing deck hand who apparently never met a woman he didn’t like.

We learned that Kyle has a child from a one night stand; however was really in love with a transgender female named Ashley all the while trying to woo Sierra (yes – it’s complicated!) Recently Kyle revealed that he and Ashley broke up; however the reasons behind it make it even more interesting….

Speaking with Radar Online Kyle reveals that he recently welcomed a daughter named Willow with his ex, the same mother of his other child. Apparently current girlfriend Ashley wasn’t thrilled about a second love child (which reportedly was behind her back) which resulted in the split.

Kyle met the mother of his children on a pub crawl and was instantly smitten with her. While it didn’t work, Kyle sends money he makes from working on the boat back to his child and his baby mama. He was dating Ashley while on the show; however is now trying to make it work with the mother of his children. Kyle states that although he is an absentee father it doesn’t exactly affect him saying: “It doesn’t bother me. I’m not good at connecting.”

I was a fan of Kyle when he first appeared on Below Desk; however after seeing all the skeletons in the closet I am skeptical of him at best. The fact that he was dating Ashley but trying to date Sierra is sketchy. Also having a second child behind Ashley’s back is telling that he has commitment issues and isn’t exactly honest. One thing is for sure: Kyle is anything but boring!

Thoughts on Kyle having a second love child? Do you think he is trustworthy?

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