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A Christmas Miracle? Brandi Glanville Apologizes for Offensive Photo!

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Brandi Glanville pulled a ‘Brandi Glanville’ by offending a lot of people with a tasteless nativity photo (for original story click here.)

In the photo, Brandi posted the photo with the caption, “Never forget the reason for the season,” and deleted it after many fans were outraged. In case you missed it, the original photo is below:

Image Source: TMZ
Image Source: TMZ

After many claimed the photo was tasteless and offensive Brandi issued an apology (or what can be considered an apology from Brandi Glanville.)

In a twitter post, Brandi states: “Guess what! God forgave me! Now you people that don’t think spewing hate is a sin might want to check with our Lord! #hypocrisy.”

“I made a joke about where babies come from in poor taste. I am Christian raised Lutheran. I apologized & took it down. God forgives that’s it!!”

Brandi added the hashtag “#hypocrisy” which kinda ruined the apology. I don’t know why she was calling others hypocrites instead of just “owing it” a la Lisa Rinna.

To me, Brandi’s apology didn’t seem sincere. She didn’t apologize for insulting millions of people’s religious beliefs and basically calls them hypocrites and tells them to get over it. I don’t think Brandi takes anything seriously and nothing seems sacred to her. It’s not so much about her tasteless photo but more the fact that she doesn’t understand why it was offensive and couldn’t muster up a sincere apology. Brandi isn’t going to change (she’s of the age where you are set in your ways) so I’m not going to say she’s learned her lesson. Hopefully she will think before she posts or before she drinks and tweets/Instagrams.

Do you think Brandi’s apology was sincere?

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