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Get to Know RHOA’s Kris Kelli!

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This season of RHOA has gotten off to a rocky start due to a certain female crashing the scene. Kandi Burruss has had a devastating storyline, with her ex suddenly trying to get back into daughter Riley’s life. Even more surprising? He isn’t even doing the dirty work – having his girl Kris Kelli do it instead. So who is this addition to the Atlanta franchise?

According to Bravo, Kris is signed to ‘Block Entertainment’ and has ties to Kandi beyond this. Kris has worked with one of Kandi’s groups, performing in her group “Glamour” in the past! Kandi’s girl group Glamour appeared on the X Factor in 2013, making her relationship with Block even more awkward as they seem to have shared a lot.

Despite appearing on RHOA, Kandi actually is originally from Jamaica, bringing the popular dancehall music to the states with some singles.

Kris even has had a single with Rick Ross, being featured on the single “Me And You.” Surely she is talented; however I’m thinking she is hoping her appearance on RHOA makes her a legit superstar.

I could just be pessimistic but I’m thinking Block and Kris are hoping that this little storyline on RHOA brings their music to the mainstream and helps with their popularity. I can’t help but think that if either were truly sincere about having a relationship with Riley they would do it OFF camera for the sake of the child. I also wonder if Kris is going to Kandi (as opposed to Block doing it) as she is hoping she will gain fans and even become an official housewife. Overall, the whole thing seems sketchy to me.

What are your thoughts on Kris Kelli so far? Do you think her request with Block is sincere? Do you want to see more of her on RHOA?

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