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Rich Wakile Shades Teresa Giudice Again; Check Out His Latest Pathetic Post Here!

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The Wakile’s obsession with the Giudice family just won’t stop, and although the RHONJ cast is happy to have a break between airing and filming, the drama is getting real!

We all know that Teresa made a comment about driving a Ford at the reunion, which she soon apologized for, and admitted that her delivery was completley wrong. Teresa also revealed that Joe always drove a Ford truck, and if you paid close attention in seasons past, you will recall that she is correct; Joe was seen time and time again driving a big Ford F150!

Teresa rented a Ford on her most recent trip to Florida, and once again apologized again for her impulsive comment. She owned it, admitted she was wrong, and said she was sorry; it’s time to move on. “@TeresaGiudice: As I was traveling in Florida this week I had the pleasure of renting a Ford, it was a great car. Pretty nifty how it shows you how many miles you have till the tank is empty! I’m always driving mine to the last drop & wondering if I’m going to run out of gas! ?again we own Fords, they are great cars. Sometimes my delivery comes off wrong, I shouldn’t have said it like that and I’m sorry. #iloveddrivingaford

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Teresa’s thirsty family took the first chance to dig at her, but in Kathy’s defense it was actually Richie who made fun of Teresa; what kind of man acts this way? “@RichardWakile: Love my @ford I’ve had mine since 1999 & I love it! #reliable #dependable #trustworthy #madeinamerica #myford 237,000 miles & still going strong! (thumb up emoji) to all that drive America made! #ad

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Wow, so Rich Wakile thinks it’s his role in the family to constantly make fun of Kathy’s cousin; why does he care so much? Kathy spent months trying to get back into Teresa’s life, but clearly that was all for RHONJ; Teresa was right. If Kathy actually cared, and the word family meant anything to her (as she so often claims it does), she’d make her husband shut his trap; or at least take down his nasty post as soon as she saw it.

If Joe Giudice wasn’t away right now Rich defintiley would not have done that. He’s trying to shade a single mother and it makes him look weak and desperate, not her! I just don’t understand how Kathy and Rosie could wonder why Teresa doesn’t want them in her life; it’s because of situations like this.

It’s ridiclous that Rich put #ad, when we all know the only company that wants his family to promote anything is some bogus online Bingo game. Again, I’m sure he was trying to make fun of Tre, but her post wasn’t an ad; it was a sincere apology. Rich has me personally blocked on all of my social media accounts, which clearly means my articles upset him and his family.  I see you Rich, and if you’re going to make fun of women, expect to be called out!

You’d think he has better things to do, but it’s clearly not the case. In all seriousness, I need to know; am I the only one who’s noticed the grungy stoner look he’s rocking lately?

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

These people are laughable and not worth Teresa’s time, so as usual I’m sure she paid no attention to Rich, or his pathetic post!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Thoughts on Rich’s post? Why is he picking on a single mother? Did you think his post was funny? Are you glad Teresa cut the Wakile’s out of her life? Are you glad the Wakile’s are off of RHONJ? Thoughts on Rich’s new look?

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