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Did Jules Wainstein Go Broke Trying to ‘Keep Up With the Jonses?’

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There is a price that comes when one joins the housewives series. The ladies are expected to entertain us with the extravagant, over the top and luxurious lifestyles and they do their best to deliver. So did Jules get in over her head when signing on the dotted line? According to reports that’s a yes!

Estranged husband Michael reportedly exposed Jules spending habits in court, in which he accused her of over spending to keep up with the NYC elite. Jules’ lawyer on the other hand is calling BS stating that Michael’s claims of being broke are fishy and that Jules deserves to keep up with the lifestyle that she has grown accustomed to:

“Bills for all have been paid for up until a year ago,” Jules’ lawyer argued. “That’s when the divorce planning started. Mr. Wainstein decided to have another relationship and all went south. It built up in terms of not paying rent, mortgage and utilities. They claim it’s because he doesn’t have the money, but there is no support for those claims anywhere in these papers. There are draft tax returns that showed up after 8, 9 years of not filing taxes by Wainstein.”

Apparently, the judge thought that Jules’ expenses seemed excessive as well; however he lawyer explained:

“The amount exceeds a normal civilian because she has appeared on television.”

Hm…my thoughts are that Michael could probably pay more than he is saying he can and that Jules probably doesn’t need as much as she claims she does.

It was further revealed that Jules’ AmEx bill from 2015 is a whopping $40K! Girl what are you buying??

Michael’s lawyer further claimed that: “Their lifestyle was based on overspending that quadrupled when she joined the show. She tried to keep up with her costars. That’s why they’re here.”

It was reported that Jules spent $2K on uber trips alone in the first 15 days of November! Maybe it’s time to buy some flats and start walking Jules….

Unfortunately for Jules and Michael no decision was made and it was encouraged that the two work it out outside of court for the sake of their children.

I think that Jules and Michael both came off ass immature and both seem to have poor skills when it comes to finances. Hopefully the two can work it out for their son and daughter.

Do you think they both are being ridiculous? Thoughts on the events that were revealed at the court hearing?

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