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Phaedra Parks Talks Her Life As A Single Mom & How ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is Affecting Her Sons

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Phaedra Parks is officially done with Apollo and is a single mom now that he is spending time behind bars. Speaking with People Magazine Phaedra dishes on her new life and what struggles she faces.

Phaedra is every bit the proud mom of her sons, Ayden and Dylan, stating they make her laugh every day: “They things they do are just hilarious. Yesterday we were at home, and I asked Dylan, ‘What are you chewing on?’ and — this is gross – he said ‘My toenails.’ I was like, ‘Why are you chewing on your toenails?’ and he was like ‘I’m a carnivore — they’re meat.’ I’m like OH MY GOD – I thought that was so funny. I was like — ‘I’m glad you know what carnivore means, but toenails are not meat! It’s never a boring day with the two of them.”

Despite her love for her children, Phaedra has been very vocal about police brutality and her fears of raising African American boys in today’s world: “I’m the mother to two African-American boys, so the police brutality and Black Lives Matter movement is a lot to digest right now. It makes you very afraid and very cognizant of how you’re raising them, what you’re exposing them to and what you’re teaching to them. You have to make them aware of the country we’re living in — the good things and the bad things about the United States. It can be a daunting challenge.”

Phaedra has her faults but I think she is a great mom. I do admire how although she is done with Apollo, she understands that a father/son relationship is important. I am hoping her children come out of this with no emotional trauma and that Apollo finds his way once he is done serving his time.

Are you excited to see Phaedra back on RHOA this year?

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