RHOA Recap: House of Shade and Dust!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Atlanta fans rejoice – a new season is upon us!

We start out with Kandi in her happy home with her son Ace and husband Todd. Ace is the poster child of a happy baby and Kandi seems to be in her element in the wife/mother role.

Over to Moore Manor, Kenya is still working on the construction of her new home. Kenya’s home is modern and looks beautiful (so far) but is still far from completed. Kenya reveals she and Matt are no longer together and claims she dumped Matt. Matt apparently ‘lost it’ in Mexico when checking Kenya’s phone and got violent. No word on what was on her phone that made him angry, but it’s clear his reaction was out of line.

A hop, skip and jump away is Chateau Sheree in all of it’s 10,000 sq feet glory. Sheree admits it’s over budget, but it’s quite spectacular and I’m wondering if she can actually afford this (time will tell.) Sheree admits that she and Bob are still friends and are still in a great place. Sheree doesn’t exactly say ‘never’ regarding a romance with Bob; however states he has a lot of work to do. What she is sure of is that her son has been getting a LOT of attention from RHOA and she is sure all his good looks are a result of her genes.

Phaedra is still besties with Porsha and the two are hanging out in Phaedra’s beautiful home. The two single ladies discuss their divorces and giggle over the possibilities of what may be in store this season as the two are unattached. Phaedra is officially divorced but isn’t interested in online dating as they are full of ‘crazies’ and ‘murderers’ and that’s including Christian mingle! While hanging in the kitchen, a mystery man appears at the door in a horse and carriage to invite Phaedra to the grand opening of “Moore Manor.” The only requirement for guests is that dates must be ‘hot’ and not ‘THOTS.’

The Atlanta ladies are having trouble in love as Cynthia is also filing for a divorce from Peter (to the surprise of no one.) Peter is living in Charlotte and as Cynthia is still in Atlanta, both are obviously going in two different directions. Cynthia claims she doesn’t want alimony and is adamant that there was no infidelity. She wants the house but other than that, Peter can go on his merry way. Cynthia admits that saying you want a divorce vs. actually filing for it makes s*it real. For some reason, Cynthia’s exit from her lawyer’s office gets some seriously intense music to accompany it, the scene was a bit odd.

Back to Porsha, we find out that she made good on her promise to Andy and is attending anger management sessions (because she didn’t want to get fired from the show.) Porsha tries to take some of the responsibility but also states that ladies are labeling her as dangerous or aggressive. Porsha also reveals pain from her past, being made fun of for her looks and admits that insecurity still bothers her today. Her therapist points out that Porsha needs to take responsibility for her behavior (specifically going crazy at a party) and I’m glad her therapist isn’t a pushover.

Kenya and Sheree are picking up on their drama from last season without skipping a beat. Kenya throws shade by stating Sheree didn’t get a horse/carriage invite to her party as Sheree doesn’t have a permanent resident to deliver it to. Sheree admits it was a shady invite and thinks Moore Manor should be rolling out the red carpet for She by Sheree.

It’s pretty clear that Cynthia’s storyline this season will be her divorce with Peter as all her scenes revolve around this. Cynthia Facetimes Peter and finds out he’s with his new girlfriend. Despite the new woman, Peter says he misses Cynthia’s face and Cynthia hints Peter would have stayed in the marriage if she would have been willing to as well.

On to happier scenes, Kenya is getting ready for her housewarming party and her house is far from ready. There are men working on renovations, trash laying about and Cynthia is shocked Kenya is having a party in these conditions. One thing Kenya does have going for her is that Matt is attempting to apologize and sent her balloons and gifts. Kenya seems to miss him as the home reminds her of him (as he helped build it) but can’t forgive his behavior.

Kenya’s party seems to be a hit and seems to attract a number of random guests. Sheree arrives and is judging the home left and right. It’s clear we are going to get a lot of Moore Manor vs. Chateau Sheree this season. I have to comment that it’s funny that Kenya didn’t want any “THOTS” or short dresses at her party but basically wore a ill fitted bra to her own party.

Porsha rolls up in her Rolls Royce as the plus one to Phaedra much to the surprise of Cynthia. The two have a violent history and in a preview we see that Porsha attempts to make well with Cynthia.

Overall I thought the premiere episode was boring but I know it was used to set the stage for the remainder of the season. Hopefully it gets more interesting from here on out.

What were your thoughts on the RHOA premiere? Let’s discuss!

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