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Jacqueline Laurita Says Melissa and Teresa Will Never Admit When They’re Wrong!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

Jacqueline Laurita hasn’t been part of the RHONJ circle of friends lately, and it’s not all due to the virus that she had.
Taking to her Bravo Blog, Jacqueline outlines the drama at Dolores’s party and her friendship with the ladies. It seems Jac is a bit behind with the blogging as she focused on the housewarming party; however still made sure that she got her point across as to how she was feeling:

As the night continued on, the more sick I felt. Why are nights always the worst when you’re sick? I really just wanted to go home and curl up in my bed. My throat hurt and my spine was aching, which is why I kept drinking tea. What made me more sick is when someone told me that Melissa was in the kitchen telling someone to make me go to her to talk. No thank you, Mego! I had no interest in that.  I left to go lay down in the car to wait for Chris so we could go home. He told me he would be right there. I guess he wanted to talk to Joe. Also, that was NOT ME honking the horn outside! Thank you very much! 

Jac still isn’t exactly taking accountability for her behavior in Vermont and hinted that there was more to it than cameras showed:

I vaguely remember Chris telling me the conversation between him and Joe Gorga that night. I honestly didn’t care to even hear about it, but I appreciated my husband having my back. I was also glad to hear Joe Gorga admit to his wife and sister being at fault as well… because they never will. They were both there so they know how the conversation REALLY went down in Vermont.

As for her fight with Dolores that came out of the blue? Well Jac has an explanation for that as well:

When I got the voicemail from Dolores asking me where I was and if I was coming later that night, it threw me off because I had already told her that I wasn’t coming. I pictured her standing in front of people asking me this and it looking like I was a no call/no show for her event like I was a bad friend for not going or telling her I wasn’t coming. I was wondering who all was hearing her ask me that. It confused me why she would ask me that because it just didn’t make sense. It was peculiar. I mean, I wasn’t even on her flyer she made that day as someone that was speaking at her event that night because she already knew I wasn’t going!
I told her that by her asking me in view of others if I was coming that night to her event was as equal to me asking her in front of others why I wasn’t on her flyer when I had helped her with her event and was going to speak at it. Do you get my point? You have to read between the lines.
This is why her phone call offended me

Hm….not sure on that one. It sounds a little paranoid if you ask me!

Jacqueline continued:

I told her how I felt on a text and fell back to sleep. Apparently she tried calling me after that and thought I was purposely ignoring her so she left me a pretty nasty text that I saw the next day. That annoyed me even more. I was wondering what the heck was going on! I told our mutual friend about what happened and then I decided to just let it go at that point and just try to get some rest to shake off this flu I had. I just wanted to be left alone at that point. I literally felt sick and tired. I needed time to heal on so many levels. I was burnt out.
Apparently, Dolores was also venting to our mutual friends about our fight. Sometimes you just have to do that to get stuff off of your chest when you’re upset, and who better to vent to than your good girlfriends? I get it. I just didn’t think our misunderstanding had to spread so quickly and publicly the way it did. In my opinion, too many people were getting involved. Sh– happens I guess.

Between us I’m looking forward to the reunion. The finale didn’t put Jacqueline in a flattering light and I’m curious to see how she defends herself.

What are your thoughts on Jacqueline’s blog?

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