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RHONJ Season 7 Finale Recap: And Then There Were Four

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Another one bites the dust. The whirlwind season 7 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has come to an end.

Initially, season 7 was all about fresh starts and new beginnings, but quickly the same old Jersey shenanigans and drama crept back into the mix.

Season 7 ended with an explosive lunch where Jacqueline Laurita went head to head with Teresa Giudice before running off.

To be honest, the season 7 finale was a little dull. First up was Melissa Gorga’s Envy fashion show, which was fun. We saw Melissa struggle but ultimately pull off her first ever fashion show. Now I was at the fashion show, and honestly, Bravo barely showed most of what went down. Not cool.

At the fashion show, Siggy attempted to mend fences and planned a lunch with all the wives and Jacqueline. All of the ladies seemed a little shocked at the idea but agreed to attend. Teresa warned Siggy not to have the lunch at her house in case any fighting occurred. Meanwhile, Teresa stayed far away from her cousin Kathy and walked away from her every chance she got.

Following the fashion show Joe Gorga bought cooked Melissa dinner and apologized to her for bashing her business, which was long overdue.

We also saw Siggy and Dolores bond with their mothers over dinner. Dolores also cut off financial ties, well for the most part, with her ex-husband Frank.

In more shocking news Teresa met up with her lawyer and revealed that she may sell her house; saying that a smaller, cheaper house with less upkeep may be better for her and the girls.

Then it’s finally time for the lunch….dun…dun…dun…

Now before I dive into the almost lunch from hell I want to preface something. During last week’s episode Siggy and Dolores agreed that Jacqueline “needed to cut the shit” after she accused Dolores of being a bad friend and trying to set her up. 

Siggy is the first to arrive at the lunch and removes all the knives from the table, smart move. Then Jacqueline comes and has a pow-wow with Siggy. Jacqueline and Siggy talk about the lunch and Jacqueline says she will only speak to Melissa and Teresa one-on-one and not as a group, which Siggy agrees to. Jacqueline tells a sob story about caring too much and says that’s what caused her freak out in Vermont. She then cries and cries some more. Siggy buys into it all and Jacqueline secures her spot as a victim yet again.

Dolores then joins the lunch and questions Jacqueline about their last phone call when Jacqueline accused Dolores of trying to set her up, and Dolores told Jac to “F*&k off.” Jac and Dolores somehow agree that their misunderstanding was just miscommunication. Again, Siggy and Dolores cave and play into Jac’s victim mentality; letting her bad behavior off the hook yet again.

Meanwhile, Teresa and Melissa discuss the pending lunch in the car, and Teresa says she bets Jacqueline will stay for five minutes then bolt. When Melissa and Teresa arrive at the meetup, Jacqueline barks orders telling Teresa to sit and ordering Melissa to wait outside. Neither Melissa or Teresa take kindly to Jacquline’s demands and call her out.

Teresa and Jacqueline then get into a screaming match and when Teresa doesn’t comply with her demands Jacqueline runs from the restaurant causing Siggy and Dolores to go chasing after her. So there we have Siggy, and Dolores taking their shoes off in a parking lot and running barefoot to catch Jacquline who stops her car, opens the door, looks back at them, slams the door and drives off.

In a shocking, yet not so surprising twist, Dolores puts the blames Tre and Melissa for the failed lunch saying,“Siggy and I, we tried our best. Melissa and Teresa both came in with a chip on their shoulder, and then Jacqueline, pointing at them, ‘I’ll talk to you, then I’ll talk to you’—first of all, on a good day, you don’t talk to an Italian person like that.” 

However, Teresa made it clear she’s 100% over her friendship with Jacqueline telling the group, “She’s dead to me. I wanted to give her the kiss of death today, but I can’t even f–king look at her. She makes me sick. She makes me want to f–king vomit.”

Obviously, Jacqueline running away gave her yet another chance to play the victim and claim Teresa and Melissa attacked her. Personally, Jac’s whole charade only made her look more unstable.

The episode ended with Bravo mentioning that Tre and Danielle Staub have been hanging out, making me believe Danielle is most likely returning for season 8.

I can’t see Jacqueline being involved in season 8, but I’d love to see Danielle, Tre, and Melissa take her down, but that’s just a pipe dream. What made me mad about this episode the most was the complete lack accountability by Jacqueline. I know she’s will never hold herself accountable for her actions, but I expect her friends like Siggy and Dolores to do so. Last week they were all about her “cutting the shit” and then they just caved and played into her hand this episode. I adore Siggy and Dolores, and I’m sure they are fabulous friends no doubt. I’m only going off of what I see on the show, but from what I see they let Jacqueline get away with everything because she cries and says “I just care so much.” Jacqueline’s done some shady shit this season and manages to get all the sympathy from Siggy and Dolores, which I just don’t understand. Perhaps the reunion will shed more light on this phenomenon.

Of course, season 7 isn’t complete just yet we still have the two-part reunion to get through. God help us all – hopefully, it’s juicier than this season was.

Thoughts on the season 7 finale?

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