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Teresa Giudice Praises Supportive RHONJ Co-Stars But Slams Jacqueline Laurita; Says She “Loves To Stir The Pot!”

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This week on RHONJ we got a glimpse of how Teresa Giudice and her daughters were doing the first few days without Joe, and in this week’s Bravo Blog she explained that things were hard but she did the best she could; for the record, she did amazing!

Hi Everyone!

In last week’s episode, the girls and I had to say goodbye to Joe, which was very tough on us. In this week’s episode, you got to see how we were doing in those first few days without Joe.

It was hard to see my daughters in pain and missing their father. I was upset that Joe was gone and couldn’t imagine what they were going through. As you saw, I tried to give them extra love, affection and attention — anything to help make things better for them.

I did smile, though, when I saw how hard Milania tried to help out around the house by doing things Joe used to do. I was proud of her. So were her sisters, who also do a lot to help me while their dad is away.

Teresa thanked Dolores and Siggy for being such great friends, and explained that as much as she wanted to celebrate Dolores’ new kitchen, she really needed to be there for her daughters the first night that Joe called; I agree, as did Melissa, Siggy, and Dolores!

I wanted to be there to help Dolores to celebrate the beautiful job she did redoing her house, but couldn’t because Joe was calling us that night and the girls and I really wanted to talk to him.

Dolores made sure to let me know that she understood why I couldn’t be there. She is a good friend. So is Siggy. I liked what she said about how women should be there to lift each other up. She is right.

Finally, the good stuff; Teresa slammed Jacqueline for her obnoxious passive aggressive behavior, and accused her of needing Teresa to stay relevant! After years away from RHONJ this plastic looking troll only gained popularity by again, bashing Teresa. Tre is way smarter than people think, and she’s onto Jac and her games! Luckily, Teresa is way happier and secure with herself than Jac could ever be, so she actually found Jac’s antics comical!

Jacqueline was doing the opposite, especially when she showed up at Dolores’s wearing a shirt saying, “Namast’ay Away From Me.”

There she goes again, playing the victim, crying and whining about getting ganged up on, then she goes and does something passive aggressive like that. She loves to stir the pot, that girl. I found it all entertaining. It made me laugh and it just showed me that like others, she needs me to stay relevant. 

Finally, Teresa addressed something we were all thinking; this is the first time we really saw Dolores get mad all season, and Jacqueline the pot-stirrer was the cause. Teresa only touched on Jac in this week’s blog, and ended on the topic of empowering women and Dolores’ Ladies’ night event!

I also thought it was interesting when I saw that Jacqueline got Dolores mad. Dolores is so even-keeled and easy to get along with, so for her to get mad like that…But it goes to show you that I’m not the only one Jacqueline is ticking off.

But back to lifting up other women: I was happy to teach yoga at the event Dolores held at her gym. I love yoga so much and was happy to share what I have learned with other women. 

I’m getting certified to become a teacher because I love it so much. For anyone who wants to do yoga at any studio anywhere, check out…it’s fantastic! 


I can’t believe that the finale is next week! This season flew by! Definitely stay tuned because next week’s episode is not to be missed!

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I love, love, love, love you all!



During season 7 I have discussed RHONJ with literally everyone I know who watches, and the common theme is a hatred for Jac and Ashlee! Bravo needs to get these bobble heads off of our TV’s; we are done, done, done with them!

Thoughts on Teresa’s blog? Does Jacqueline stir the pot? Were you shocked Jac upset Dolores? How are Teresa and Joe doing without the girls? Do you want Jac and Ashlee off of RHONJ?

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