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Kim Zolciak Biermann Reveals The One Thing She Refuses To Share On Social Media!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Kim Zolciak Biermann is known for oversharing on social media; a habit she’s passed down to her daughter already, more specifically her oldest, 19-year-old Brielle. With a down-to-earth husband like Kroy Biermann, many are wondering why she continues to act outrageous, yet day after day each post is more inappropriate than the next!

Recently Kim called out her haters, and even went into momma-bear mode when she threatened Brielle’s haters; trust me, there are a lot of them! Kim opened up to ET and revealed why she is SO involved on social media. “All my fans are there. I feel like it’s a direct way for me to communicate with some of them. I also feel like it’s a real way for me to really communicate with them,” Kim said.

Kim then admitted that she only gets sensitive to the haters when they are mean to her kids; she insisted she can “take it,” and isn’t threatened by the internet “trolls!

I’m a Taurus, right? So, I’ll take it, and I’ll take it, and I’ll take it, when it comes to me, anyway. When it comes to my kids, you got about a very small window, and then I just blow up. It makes me so mad that people take time out of their day to write a nasty comment … You’re making a conscious effort, decision to type this out to me, or my daughter? That’s what really stresses me out and puts me in a very bad place, is when you’re talking about my daughter,” Kim explained. (In reference to her recent Social Media rage.)

Kim continued, “Brielle’s very strong, very confident. It’s just who she is. I worry more so about [my younger daughter] Ariana, because she’s very sensitive. She’s 15, she just started high school. She doesn’t really want to be on social media. A lot of people come after me saying I favor Brielle [over] Ariana, but Ariana doesn’t really want to be on social media. I respect that for her.

Kim clarified Ariana’s social media presence further and added, “She has her own social media, like, her own little secret pages. can only get on social media with [my husband] Kroy and I, when we’re there, because it really does affect her, reading comments. And I can’t constantly be on social media deleting them. I do the best that I can. But I definitely worry about her.

Kim confessed that Kroy “keeps her in check” when it comes to over sharing, and then revealed that he doesn’t even have his own Social Media accounts! “He doesn’t know what I do,” Kim laughed. “Until he gets a Google Alert.”

Kim then dished on the one thing we will NEVER see her share on the Internet, or her hit Bravo reality show Don’t Be Tardy! “My master bedroom,” she disclosed. Describing further, “My master living area has never been on Don’t Be Tardy, this house. We built it, so I feel like our heart and soul is in it. It’s a very sacred place. And my closet, too … even my posts that I do on Instagram or what have you is taken in front of a mirror in my closet. I don’t show the whole thing.

Thoughts on Kim’s interview? Do you think she over shares? Do you like Brielle? Does Kroy do a good job of “keeping her in check?” Are you bored with Don’t Be Tardy?

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