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Melissa Gorga Says Jacqueline Laurita Is Living In The Past And Trying To Re-Write History!

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Melissa Gorga has had enough of both Jacqueline Laurita and Kim D.

In her Bravo blog, Melissa takes aim at both Kim and Jacqueline; insisting that they both are “living in the past and trying to re-write history.”

Knowing she’s “beating a dead horse,” Melissa tries to explain her issues with Jacqueline and Kim during these last two episodes of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

First, Melissa takes a swing at Jacqueline saying, “I think there are only two people living in the past and trying to re-write history. The one constant for me this season is that I have been very clear and direct with my opinions both on the show and in this blog. Jacqueline is truly the one bringing up the past and causing problems. Like usual, she has her NOSE (pun intended) in everybody’s business and is a complete emotional train wreck. One minute she’s done with Teresa and the next she feels bad for her and misses her. When it comes to me, I don’t know why it’s so important for her to keep bringing up everything I said about Teresa and everything she said about me? If we can move past it, why can’t she?”

Going to explain that she’s glad she’s no longer friends with Jacqueline. “She puts so much time and energy into gossiping and trying to move the chess pieces. I have to say, looking back now, I am almost relieved that we are no longer friends because it was EXHAUSTING.”

Next up is Kim D, who Melissa calls a “known sh-t stirrer” and liar.

“I also found it disgusting watching Kim D make “conversation” about Teresa’s marriage just so she can get promotion for her fashion show. She is a known sh– stirrer and will lie and say anything for attention. Everyone knows it and now, thanks to Jacqueline, she got her platform — first at her store and now at the fashion show. It makes you wonder what Kim D has on Jacqueline,” Melissa explains.

Read the rest of Melissa’s blog on Bravotv.com

I do agree with Melissa that Jacqueline lives in the past. She can’t seem to get over things that happened ages ago and still feels the need to constantly bring up past issues ALL THE TIME. You can’t change the past Jacqueline so move on and live in the present.

Thoughts on Melissa’s blog? Do you think Kim D and Jacqueline are trying to re-write history? Does Jacqueline need to move on from the past?

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