Kelly Dodd Claims No One Gets Her Sense of Humor After Calling Costars Witches!

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

Oh Kelly….if there ever was a housewife that didn’t know when to stop it would be her.

Kelly has a pattern of drinking, hitting below the belt then claiming ‘she’s sorry’ only to do the entire thing over again. Both fans and housewives have called her out on this (as she has done it both on and off screen) however she can’t seem to break her own pattern.

Kelly’s latest blunder comes from an Instagram post where she posted a photo of the cult classic ‘Hocus Pocus’ and the three sisters who are witches. As the caption, Kelly only wrote ‘Tamra, Heather, Shannon’:

Image Source: Instagram - Kelly Dodd

Image Source: Instagram – Kelly Dodd

Normally this would be a pretty tame post; however since Kelly has said so many nasty things coming from her it actually seems mean.

Fans thought the same thing as many called her out for being cruel or for throwing a stone in a glass house as she isn’t exactly an angel. Kelly came to her own defense again blaming it all on others lack of a sense of humor.

Kelly wrote in the comments “It’s a’s 3 witches from Hocus’s a joke Geez”

Kelly also added to another fan “It’s a joke!! It’s a movie called hocus pocus. It’s about 3 witches. I guess not everyone gets my sense of humor.”

Many haven’t found Kelly’s jokes very funny (USC, the party one etc.) I don’t find the post very offensive; however I think many are sensitive to her as she has hit below the belt many times in the past.

What do you think of Kelly’s post? Was it mean or are people not getting her sense of humor?

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