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Teresa Giudice Is Done With Jacqueline Laurita; Says Kim D Is Nothing But A “S–t Stirrer!”

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Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita can finally agree on something; their friendship is done for good.

In her Bravo blog, Teresa opens up about the sense of relief she felt knowing that Jacqueline Laurita and Kim D are no longer part of her life.

On Sunday’s episode of RHONJ, Dolores Catania asks Jacqueline if she’s done with Teresa and Melissa Gorga, and she says yes. This news was music to Teresa’s ears.

“Truth be told, that was a relief to hear. I don’t want her in my life anymore because she is too toxic and too negative and has caused me too many problems over the years. I don’t need it, and Melissa doesn’t need it,” Teresa recalls.

While Teresa wishes Jacqueline well, she makes it clear she’s done too; saying all she wants is peace in her life.

“I’ve said this many times before — I just want peace in my life, that’s all. I have too much going on and don’t have the energy for someone like Jacqueline anymore. I wish her and her family well. But I’m done, too.”

Another person Teresa is done with is Kim D. Teresa says she finally saw Kim’s “true colors,” and  agrees with Melissa that Kim is a “s–t stirrer.”

“I’m also done with Kim D. After seeing her stir the pot at her fashion show again? I always gave her the benefit of the doubt, but I finally got my answer. I’m glad I got to see her true colors for myself. When you have known someone a long time, and they do something like that shows how much class they have,” Teresa explains.

Teresa goes on to say that Kim D’s behavior is “toxic” and that she doesn’t want “negative’ in her life, only positive.

The thing that Teresa can’t forgive Kim D for is talking about her marriage in public instead of discussing it in private with her and more importantly doing it in a way that would hurt her children.

“I also thought it was interesting that she decided to bring Joe and me up while she was on camera and at the fashion show. What bothers me the most is that by saying what she said, she hurts my children. Why do you have to sit at a fashion show with a bunch of women and talk about my husband and me? Why couldn’t she tell me she heard these things in private – to face? Because she becomes relevant talking about me, that’s why” Teresa says.

One of the highlights of Sunday’s episode for Teresa was her lunch with her brother Joe saying, “One of the nicest parts of this episode was when they showed me and my brother having lunch together, just the two of us. We were best friends growing up and always had so much fun. I’m glad he and I were able to. It really touched me when he said that he that whatever we needed would when Joe went away, he would be there for us.”

Read Teresa’s full blog on Bravotv.com

I am so happy that Teresa is finally done with Jac, buh-bye! I loved Teresa and Jac’s friendship in the first few seasons, but it’s clear these two are not meant to be in each others lives right now. Jacqueline is obsessed and can’t be the friend Teresa needs. Teresa needs to be surrounded by love and light.

Thoughts on Teresa’s blog? Do you think Teresa is done with Jac and Kim D? Is Kim D a shit stirrer? Was Kim out of line for discussing Teresa’s marriage in public?

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