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How Low Can She Go: Kelly Dodd Hits Below The Belt While Fighting With RHOC Fans On Social Media!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Another day, another negative Kelly Dodd story; but has she finally gone too far?

Kelly Dodd has been labeled one of the worst housewives in Bravo history, and she’s certainly earning this embarrassing title. It’s one thing to be controversial, but it’s another to be downright degrading and cruel to fans of a show that you are appearing on!

How does she think RHOC can afford to pay her to be a foul, vile human with no purpose or talent? She needs to have a fan base, yet all she’s doing is turning Bravo fans OFF from RHOC; it’s not a good look for the franchise that started it all!

Whenever these women join The Real Housewives of any city, they open themselves up to be criticized by the public; that goes without saying. Apparently no one warned Kelly about the hate on social media, and she CLEARLY can’t take the heat!

Her behavior on Monday night’s RHOC was horrific, but what was to come on social media has officially sealed her fate; there is NO WAY Bravo can bring this awful woman back for season 12, the fans won’t have it!

A twitter user posted screenshots of Kelly calling a fan fat, yes she fat-shamed a RHOC fan! Even worse; then Kelly went on this woman’s Instagram page and attempted to humiliate her further.

@rhoc_kellydodd: maybe try losing some weight because your kid is going to be ashamed that you’re a pig!! Get off my page you pig!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, on a beautiful picture of “ChellBell” and her daughter (who looks only a few months old) Kelly continued.

@rhoc_kellydodd: Put the fork down!! You’re kid is going to be embarrassed by you!!

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Kelly called this woman fat, yet this woman clearly recently had a baby; that cutie can’t be over a year old. Kelly also says that this woman’s daughter “is going to be embarrassed” by her weight; but the only one who’s going to be embarrassed by their mother is Jolie. That is, if she’s not already; I feel so bad for that girl. Speaking of Jolie, didn’t Kelly FREAK OUT when Heidi brought up her daughters weight; can you say hypocrite!

Even if this woman didn’t recently have a baby, weight should be off limits. Take it from someone who has been both fat, and skinny shamed in the past few years; it feels AWFUL! This woman could be on a medicine that causes her to gain weight, she could have a medical condition; Kelly doesn’t know, nor does she even consider these possibilities.

The karma she is bringing to her and her family is not good, and Jolie deserves a better example in her life; Kelly does not seem mentally stable or even fit to be a good mom right now. How would Kelly like it if people said “No wonder Michael tried to take Jolie away from you;” she wouldn’t, but it’s almost to that point!

Kelly and Jacqueline Laurita should be friends, they both cannot handle being in the public eye; it has made them crumble and fall apart. As a Vicki supporter I can’t help but question WHY on earth she would want to be friends, and defend this woman; she is the lowest of the low!

If I was Kelly I’d take a long, hard look at why most Bravo fans are now against her; even those (like myself) who gave her a fair chance now can’t stand her! Her behavior is un-empathetic, inexcusable, and downright cruel. This RHOC reunion is going to be epic, and I have a feeling Kelly Dodd on our TV’s will soon be a thing of the past; unless she joins the next season of Celebrity Rehab or Couple’s Therapy, which unfortunately I wouldn’t put past her!

Thoughts on Kelly’s fat shaming? Did she finally go too far? Should she be off of RHOC? Does Kelly remind you of Jac Laurita? Do you feel bad for Jolie? Let’s Discuss!

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