Carolina Manzo Is Getting Ready To Be An Empty Nester – So What Does She Plan to do Next??

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

Caroline Manzo has been talking about what’s next for her for years. So now that the big home is finally her own – other than filling it with soaps what does she have planned for it?

Speaking with Bravo Caroline reveals that she has big plans for her home and that a makeover is in its’ future. On the Manzo mansion, Caroline states: “After all these years, it’s finally mine.” Okay Caroline, like we’re suppose to believe that you aren’t sobbing everyday that you can’t baby Albie and Chris?? On the home renovation plans, Caroline states:

“I have a lot of things I want to do. We moved in in 1999. We built the house ourselves, so it needs to be freshened up. It needs a facelift. Nothing crazy.”

Obviously the Manzo home is gorgeous but I think it’s outdated and a more modern interior would do it wonders. Caroline added: “After all the years of dogs and kids and everything else, I want new furniture, and I want to paint and make the house a grown-up house kind of thing.”

Caroline recently shared a photo of some of her new furniture, and although I said modern, the new furniture is a little too modern for my taste. Caroline’s caption read: “obsessed with my new @mackenziechilds train table, chairs, & kitchen stools. Empty nest house redo begins…. ???”

Image Source: Instagram - Caroline Manzo

Image Source: Instagram – Caroline Manzo

If you’re wondering if Caroline is filling that huge table with large Italian family dinner – you’d be surprised to know it’s officially her soap making table. I don’t know who is buying all of this soap but apparently Caroline is making sure the entire state of NJ is fresh and clean!

Image Source: Instagram - Caroline Manzo

Image Source: Instagram – Caroline Manzo

I think it’s great that Caroline has a plan for the next chapter of her life – I think home makeovers are fun and who doesn’t like a ‘before and after’ shot? The soap making is a littler perplexing to me – but hey, to each their own!

Thoughts on Caroline’s next chapter?

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