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Marriage Bootcamp Mess: What Are The Problems Tearing Jim & Amber Marchese Apart?!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Friday night was the premiere of Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars on WeTV, and although I’ve tried this show in the past and given up; I needed to see what was going on between Amber and Jim Marchese!

Amber Marchese appeared with bronzy orange hair and bangs that I’m not too sure that I like. She revealed to the cameras that appearing on RHONJ was her “dream,” and this makes her Bravo behavior even more pathetic. As suspected, Jim’s embarrassing antics that she claims “got them kicked off of RHONJ” is a MAJOR point of contention between the couple!

Jim states that another major issue for him in their marriage is his wife “not taking responsibility when she acts like a spoiled child.” (Does Jim “take responsibility” when he acts like a cocky psychopath? I think NOT!) Amber’s response to these complaints; she called him an “a**hole” who always “thinks he’s the boss” and is very “condescending.” I can agree with that!

Amber and Jim seemed upset when they were introduced as the couple “America loves to hate,”  but they are! I don’t know if they thought that they had “fans,” but it’s clear that they don’t!

While I thought it was desperate that Amber called joining RHONJ a “DREAM” of hers, I was happy to hear her finally blame Jim for “sabotaging” the whole thing.

This is where things got creepy; brace yourselves! Jim announced that he “needs more spice in the bedroom, and hopes they will find that on the show!

I will fully admit it, I was excited for the Marchese mess on Friday night; but I was disappointed! I had to turn this show off after about 20 minutes, but I did get to see Amber and Jim arrive and talk about there issues. I think going on this show was a desperate plea to remain famous, yet they made themselves look so much worse. AATRH will keep you posted on these wannabe’s as this season of Marriage Bootcamp continues, but I am not expecting much; except for this to take the MarCRAZIES out of the public eye FOREVER!

Thoughts on Amber & Jim’s marriage problems? Are you surprised? Are they desperate? Did you watch? Do you hope they are out of the public eye forever?

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