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A Timeline Of Teresa Giudice And Jacqueline Laurita’s Friendship – What Went Wrong?

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Once upon time Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita were the best of friends. They laughed together, cried together, and took down crazy bitches together but somewhere along the way things went awry.

Fast forward to season 7 and the former best friends can hardly stand the sight of each other and have had more makeups and breakups than anyone in Housewives history.

So, for old times sake, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see if we can spot that cracks that lead to the demise of a once beloved friendship.

During seasons 1 and 2 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, things were peachy-keen between Jac and Tre – they shopped, laughed, had play dates with their kids, and mutually hated Danielle Staub. Ahh, the good old days.

When season 3 rolls around that’s when things start to get sticky. Tre and Jac’s relationship starts to go awry when Teresa makes “jokes” at the expense of Jacqueline’s sister-in-law Caroline, in her cookbook.

The tension between Jac and Tre then intensifies at the season 3 reunion, which Jac doesn’t attend. Caroline reveals that Dina isn’t speaking to her or Jacqueline because of things Teresa has been putting into her ear, which Teresa denies. To be noted, season 3 aired as season 4 was filming which almost NEVER happens so Jac wasn’t at the reunion because of the stripper-gate drama that went down during the season 4 finale episode.

Enter season 4, when the two friends got into an argument after Jacqueline asked Teresa about tabloid claims she was going to prison. This fight would become the epicenter for all future drama between the friends; every fight between Tre and Jac always comes back to this moment.

Teresa and Jacqueline attempted to repair their friendship and move on during season 4 but then Melissa was accused of being a stripper at the Posche fashion show. Jacqueline put all the blame on Teresa and claims to have lost all trust in her former friend, hence why she skipped the season 3 reunion.

Season 5, only made Teresa and Jac’s friendship worse as the two constantly used each other secrets against each other which exacerbated things even more.

In fact during season 5 Teresa blamed Jacqueline for the rift between her, Melissa and her brother.

After a long time of not talking things changed during season 7 when Jacqueline and Teresa surprisingly made up after Jac unexpectedly dropped by Teresa’s to see where things stood.

So far, Teresa and Jacqueline have reconciled twice this season and are on fight #3. As hard as they might try these two can not seem to stay friendly for long and are always fighting and making up.

Season 7 still has a lot of ground to cover so who knows where Teresa and Jacqueline’s friendship will go from here, but I have a feeling it’s over for good.

When do you think Teresa and Jacqueline friendship fell apart? Can Tre and Jac ever be REAL friends again? Will Tre and Jac be able to move forward after their latest fight in Vermont?

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