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Ashlee Holmes Inserts Herself Into The RHONJ Drama; Bashes Teresa and Melissa!

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Despite being a new mom, Ashlee Holmes can’t help but keep inserting herself into the Real Housewives of New Jersey drama.

Ashlee, who is known to be outspoken and opinionated, continues to go to battle for her mom, Jacqueline Laurita, on social media.

Following Sunday’s episode of RHONJ, Ashlee had some pretty rude and harsh things to say about her mom’s enemies. The adage like mother, like daughter, is completely true in this instance.

On Twitter Ashlee bashed Melissa and Teresa’s looks comparing Teresa to an ape and Melissa to LaToya Jackson; alluding that they both have deformities.

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Ashlee sounds like a big old bully if you ask me. Not to mention how shallow it is to go after someone’s look especially considering how OBSESSED with plastic surgery her and her mom are.

Furthermore, Ashlee went on to deny claims she’s jealous of Teresa saying, “Jealous? LOL No. She “holds the weight of the show” because she’s an idiot. She’s a train wreck. She’s reality tv gold.”


But Ashlee wasn’t done there; she also went after Robyn Levy; bashing her 5 minutes of fame, and egging her on to release the nasty text messages she claims to have from Jacqueline.

“Post them lol. You’re so full of shit. Pathetic. You’re so thirsty.” Ashlee tweeted.


However, Ashlee still wasn’t done! Doesn’t this girl have a baby to raise or a job? Maybe a hobby would keep her busy and away from social media which is obviously her kryptonite.

Ashlee then posted a quote on Instagram “Time discovers truth,” with the caption,“Don’t sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone’s true colors. Lack of character always reveals itself in the end. The mask falls off eventually. Karma is only a bitch if you are. I like our odds.”


Shockingly enough Ashlee still wasn’t done! She then went on to share a message from her dear old dad Papa Holmes where he bashes and fat shames bloggers.

In the message from her, dad Ashlee wrote, “Once upon a time a very uneducated “blogger” wrote an ill-informed blog entry about my parents in Texas. Their stupid post went viral. And of course, the “Trehuggers” (as they so idiotically call themselves) ran with it. The stupid keyboard warriors try to use it as ammunition when attempting to attack me via social media. Here’s a message from my Dad to you -just in case you thought your ridiculous comments had any validity. “


While Ashlee was out and about on social media being trashy as f–k, Gia Giudice was showing her how social media should be done.

“Some women have some nerve… think before you talk, respect. #RHONJ,” Gia tweeted in response to Jacqueline’s attacks on her mom during Sunday’s episode.


Despite Gia being ten years Ashlee’s junior she knows how to handle dealing with the drama on RHONJ; only further proving just how immature Ashlee is.

In the end, Ashlee felt the need to defend herself and her behavior against “keyboard warriors,” tweeting, “I’m 26 years old. I am an adult. I don’t HAVE TO respect ANYONE that doesn’t deserve it… let alone a felon and a phony. You also seem to forget that I actually know all of these women in REAL life… not just by what I see on an edited tv show.” 


God how awful is this woman! Personally, I think Ashlee is doing Jacqueline’s dirty work. Jacqueline has been quiet on social media, which is so unlike her, except for liking a ton of anti-Teresa and Melissa posts like Ashlee’s. Ashlee should stay out of all of this drama especially considering it doesn’t involve her at all; it makes her look weird just like Jacqueline does when she meddles in Teresa’s relationship with Kathy and Rosie. Ashlee and Jacqueline keep bringing up Teresa’s past, and it’s getting old. It seems like they have nothing better to do and are clinging to the past in order to stay relevant. This behavior from Jacqueline and Ashlee only makes Teresa look better and better.

Thoughts on Ashlee’s social media rants? Is Ashlee’s social media bullying out of line? Do you think Ashlee is doing Jacqueline’s dirty work?

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