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Rosie Pierri Throws Shade At Joe Giudice & Joe Gorga; Is She Done With Them Forever?!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

The family drama is never-ending on RHONJ, and recently Kathy Wakile and her sister Rosie Pierri have tried EXTRA hard to get back on good terms with their cousin Teresa Giudice.

Not only have Kathy and Rosie become estranged from Teresa over the past few years (after they went behind her back and joined RHONJ), but since she arrived home from prison they have been on bad terms with Melissa and Joe Gorga. The Wakile’s claim that since making up with Teresa and Joe, the Gorga’s have pulled away, and no longer have use for them!

It’s clear that Melissa and Joe have put their relationship with Teresa and Joe above their relationship with The Wakile’s/Rosie, and it’s understandable why Kathy, Richie, and Rosie are upset. On the other hand, it’s completely appropriate for Joe and Melissa to make things better with Joe and Teresa; finally their immediate family is at peace!

Rosie and Kathy are not responding well to being pushed off of RHONJ, and it seems like that is what REALLY upsets them; not the fighting with their family!

Over the weekend on twitter, a fan asked Rosie how she keeps track of all of the Joe’s in her family, given there are a lot! Rosie responded and basically said that Joe and Joe are not her family, and to her there is only 1 Joe, her brother!

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Rosie and Joe Giudice’s relationship was a blast to watch, but clearly they grew apart, and Joe’s allegiance will always be with his wife. It was totally uncalled for, for Rosie to make such a rude, bold statement, but it’s clear that she is still hurt!

This family needs to cool it on social media, and respect Teresa’s decision to not want a relationship; this happened months ago and they still aren’t over it! This only makes Rosie (and the Wakile’s) look more desperate for fame, as if that was even possible!

About 12 hours later when looking for the tweet I discovered it was deleted; but this is 2016 and there is a such thing as screenshots! Rosie clearly sent this tweet out of anger, and given it was 11PM on a Friday, most likely after a few drinks.

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

I always thought that Rosie may be the force that brings the family back together, but after her out-of-control social media behavior lately, she is only making things worse!

Thoughts on Rosie’s tweet? Was it uncalled for? Are Rosie, Kathy, and Richie still desperate for fame? Is this family broken forever?

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