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Sonja Morgan Claims Last Season of RHONY Was Too Dark – Plus Claims Dorinda Fed Jules to the Wolves!

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I hate to admit it but I LOVED the last season of RHONY – honestly I thought it was one of the best. I’m sure Luann and some of the ladies would beg to differ as it’s different if your’re living it, but I think fans will agree it renewed interest in the franchise.

Despite many saying it was New York’s best year, Sonja Morgan is speaking out to Yahoo News as to why she’d prefer to forget it already. Per Sonja:

“Well, it wasn’t my favorite season because it was dark. I felt it needed a little more of Sonja’s humor, and I was upset with Dorinda [Medley] because she iced me out of the Berkshires [trip], which was three episodes. I felt they could have used a little comedic lift. She took it upon herself [not to invite me]. I gave it to [Dorinda] at the reunion, and she gave her lame excuse.”

I admit Sonja can make me laugh (think tooth falling out at Skinnygirl party) and the Berkshires did get pretty dark.

Sonja revealed she’s still pissed about the Berkshires despite it being so long ago and isn’t a fan of Dorinda because of it:

“Dorinda calls when she wants something, usually invites or to meet somebody. And then she plays this holier-than-thou thing like she wants to protect me, and that was very flimsy. Nobody believed her when she said that. I’ve been on the show for so long, I don’t need protecting from my friends! She’s the newbie! You can just tell how duplicitous she is because everyone knows I don’t lie.”

She also claims Dorinda was a bad friend to Jules as she didn’t prepare her for the ladies of RHONY:

“She brought Jules [Wainstein] on [to the show] and practically fed that girl to the wolves. And then she wants to act like she’s there to protect her when she brought her on? The whole concept is duplicitous. You can’t act like you’re there to protect people but then you put the girl on who has an eating disorder and a marriage that’s falling apart.”

I’m going to side with Sonja on the Berkshires as I don’t think it was nice of Dorina to exclude her – I would be hurt too. Regarding Jules I’m going to have to disagree. Jules is a gown woman and can hold her own. She doesn’t need anyone to parent her.

What are your thoughts on Sonja’s interview?

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