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Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Why She Still Has So Much Drama with Teresa Giudice

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While things between Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita seemed peachy keen the last few weeks, their ever-evolving friendship took a turn for the worst during Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Some fans have pointed out that Jacqueline seems to be stirring up the drama with Teresa even after reconciling and claiming she wants their Lucy and Ethel friendship back.

During Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live Jacqueline set the record straight on what kind of friendship she wants with Teresa.

“I want a sincere, genuine relationship with Teresa, but things were happening,” Jacqueline told one WWHL caller. “You don’t always see everything that’s being filmed, and there’s things that she would say or do with her actions that showed me that she wasn’t really sincere about it. It was more for [the] camera. That’s what upset me,” Jacqueline explained.

Jacqueline went on to explain why it seems like she’s instigating fights with Teresa especially after involving herself in Teresa’s on-going feud with Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri.

“First of all, if it was my family in the group, we’d be all talking about them. To me, there’s nothing malicious or mean about trying to connect people together. I did the same thing when Melissa [Gorga] was on the outs to try to bring their family together. Why wouldn’t I do the same thing for Kathy and Rosie? I love them so much, and I felt so bad for them because they were kind of pushed on the out. And all Siggy [Flicker] wanted was to bring everyone together for once to have everybody united at the same time.”

As for RHONJ fans, including famous fan Michael Rapaport calling her vicious, Jacqueline thinks no one in the cast is innocent.

“I’m glad he’s such a fan of the show, and I hope he keeps watching and supporting the show. And I think all of us have been vicious on the show at one point or another. And Michael, I think you’ve been a little vicious yourself.”

Hmmm…I have to disagree with Jacqueline. It’s beyond obvious that when it comes to Teresa, she is purposely stirring the pot and creating drama. Jacqueline has created all the drama so far this season. In fact, Jacqueline inserted herself into Teresa’s drama with her family even after Teresa asked, no told her, to stay out of it. I agree with Michael that Jacqueline has been vicious this season.

Do you believe Jacqueline wants a true friendship with Teresa? Has Jacqueline been vicious? Is Jacqueline purposely creating drama? Should Jacqueline have gotten involved in Teresa’s drama with Kathy and Rosie?

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