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AATRH Exclusive: Details On Robyn Levy and Rosie Pierri’s Past & What Was Cut From The RHONJ Vermont Blow-UP!

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Last night on RHONJ the ladies hit the slopes and headed to Vermont for the season 7 cast trip. Melissa Gorga planned a wonderful weekend away for her sister-in-law Teresa, who was clearly overwhelmed with the major changes about to come in her life. Bravo made it seem that Melissa randomly invited Teresa’s friends Robyn Levy and Christina Flores, but if you’ve been keeping up with All About The Real Housewives, you know that is not the case!

Robyn Levy and her wife Christina Flores were a hot commodity when the RHONJ season 7 cast was being assembled in late 2015, yet we haven’t gotten to see what they bring to Bravo at all!

Robyn is not new to the Bravo inner-circle, and despite Jacqueline refusing to acknowledge Robyn now, or even spell her name right (see below); they have known each other for years. It’s true that Robyn is a friend of Teresa’s, but she has worked with Albie and Chris Manzo in the past. Not only did Robyn film with Jac’s husband Chris Laurita on Dining Out With The Manzos, she actually was a part of a BLK photo-shoot at the Laurita’s home!

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Before season 7 filming began reports were circulating that Teresa was upset with Jacqueline for trying to “recruit” Robyn Levy and Christina Flores (The Giudice’s friends) as allies for RHONJ. AATRH can now confirm that this is 100% true! Robyn wanted no part of being in Jacqueline’s army, so of course she was labeled a “Teresa soldier.” (Ironic right?)

Last night around the bonfire wasn’t the first time that Jacqueline taunted Robyn with this term, and several sources close to production admitted to hearing Jac say this many times before, during, and even after season 7 filming wrapped; sounds like Wacko-Jacko really needs a day job!

AATRH can finally reveal what it is that got Robyn so upset in Vermont, and what went down that Bravo didn’t show in regards to this fire-pit fiasco!

Robyn has a history with Rosie Pierri, and at one point they were very close. They were good friends, and Robyn confirmed to AATRH she had many “drinks, laughs, and great times” with Rosie in the past. Unfortunately, like almost ALL of the relationships in the Wakile/Pierri’s lives, fame got in the way. Robyn even declined having one of her Velocity1 Media events filmed for RHONJ in the past out of respect for Rosie, and she even went out of her way to give Pierri a call; making sure not to “set her up,” which may have been the original intention of producers. This makes me feel like the Wakile’s were super territorial of the RHONJ cameras from the start; funny how that worked out for them!

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It’s unclear what happened in the relationship that made Rosie pull away, but she had stopped returning their calls before Robyn and Christina got involved in season 7. Once their name was officially in the mix for RHONJ, things went from bad to worse, and Rosie has never explained herself to Robyn or Christina; hypocritical considering she and Kathy are begging for this from Teresa Giudice!

At Teresa’s dramatic book signing that I attended in February my sister-in-law (Hi Lauren) picked up on hateful vibes coming from Rosie towards Robyn, yet all she saw was Rosie brush her off and refuse to talk further; just like the flashback that aired on last night’s episode. Rosie basically ended the Wakile’s Bravo run right there; had she engaged with Robyn and talked out their differences, RHONJ could have gone in a whole new, fresh direction! I honestly can’t believe Andy didn’t attempt to bask in that; very disappointing!

When Jacqueline started badgering Teresa about the Wakile’s (for the 100000th time) on the (not so) party bus, Robyn spoke her mind. From what we’ve seen so far on RHONJ, it may seem to some that Robyn came on to defend Teresa; but we all know that Teresa doesn’t need anyone to fight her battles! Hello, Jacqueline is the one that held ”recruitment” for season 7!

On the bus Robyn was explaining her past relationship, and current situation with Rosie (and the rest of her RHONJ friends/business relationships) to the girls, and Jacqueline kept pressing and taunting her saying that Rosie denied any sort of past friendship with her! The other girls echoed that Rosie was saying they were never friends, but given Jac took extra obnoxious pills before this trip, she conveyed the message is a far worse way than the rest of the RHONJ crew.

Later at the fire pit, Jac got back on the subject of Rosie, and this time asked Robyn “how does she feel about Rosie?” Given that a few hours earlier Robyn said they were estranged, and Jacqueline made her feel bad about it, she knew how Robyn “felt” about Rosie; she was merely trying to get a reaction, which ultimately she did.

Robyn’s wife Christina explained what happened, and from what it sounds like we saw a very, pro-Jacqueline version of this story; no surprise here! It’s hysterical to me that Bravo edited this scene in an ATTEMPT to make Jacqueline look sane; yet failed miserably. She looked nuts and possibly on something; at least to most RHONJ fans!

Robyn and Jac went back and forth four or five times, getting louder each time; yet what we saw was Jacqueline taunt Robyn for the first time, and Robyn immediately get heated and feisty; which actually happened after a few (deleted) rounds of arguing.

Robyn also cleared up why she actually asked Teresa to come outside; it had nothing to do with wanting to “rage” on Jac’s (obnoxious) ass! Robyn was calling Teresa to come out and clarify a text that had to do with Rosie, but Jacqueline jumped on the chance to make her look bad to Teresa fans.

Another RHONJ insider disclosed that Robyn, Christina, Siggy, and Dolores were all paid the same amount when filming started, but it was unclear who would be full-time housewives, and who would be just “friends” for season 7. I was happy to finally find out how that worked, and apparently as filming progresses, the producers make final the decisions on which women are in which roles. This most likely contributed to Dolores and Siggy’s insistence that Robyn and Christina leave; very interesting. Kathy and Rosie were never being considered for full-time housewives spots, so that explains why they were EXTRA desperate from the start!

Jacqueline was eager to point out an incident from Robyn’s past on WWHL, but she forgets that her own craziness and violence towards her own family is common knowledge to Bravo fans. She spent the whole season trying to push Robyn and Christina off of the show so her friends Kathy and Rosie would be included. There was a bigger picture here; the Robyn Rosie storyline would have made for reality TV history!

Let’s get real; As a born and bred Jersey girl I have to admit that we get a bad rep. Specifically, people like Jacqueline Laurita and Rich Wakile contribute to making New Jersey an embarrassment. It doesn’t smell here, and we don’t act like the Jersey Shore cast; but sometimes I can understand why people think we do. Having the first lesbian housewives would have taken the franchise in a different direction, and the fact that the Laurita’s and Wakile’s didn’t see this shows just how narrow-minded they are.

Robyn was not excited to see last night’s episode, and understandably she is hurt and slightly embarrassed that this is how she was portrayed for the first time on Bravo. RHONJ fans saw past the poor editing and Jacqueline favoring, and STILL support Robyn despite everything that happened in Vermont; Bravo and Andy should take a HUGE look at this and realize, it’s time for something new and refreshing on RHONJ. So in her own words, “Take the trash out” and get Jacqueline off of RHONJ for GOOD!

Robyn assured AATRH that we haven’t seen the last of her, and she took this negative experience and is making it a positive! Next week she is hosting an event for brand new New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Wise, and in November will be launching Tushy Brand; a “badass brand for babies and toddlers.” What’s even better is her desire to give back. For each piece sold donations will be made to The Valerie Fun, which supports children in the tri-state area with cancer.

Last night’s RHONJ was the most dramatic episode we’ve seen in years, and AARTH will be bringing you more exclusive behind the scenes details all week! Next week we watch Jacqueline loose her mind AGAIN on national TV, and for all of our sake; let’s hope it’s her final season on RHONJ!

Thoughts on Bravo’s poor editing? What did you think of the epic fight? Do you want Robyn and Christina on RHONJ? Should Bravo fire Jac for good? Did the Vermont fight live up to the hype? Let’s Discuss!

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