Relationship Expert Siggy Flicker Weighs In On The Brangelina Split!

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

The world mourned when one of the world’s most beautiful couples, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, officially announced their divorce. It seems everyone has an opinion on it and the housewives are no exception. Relationship expert Siggy Flicker weighed in on the famous duo’s split and even boldly stated that she was Team Angelina!

Taking to her Instagram page, Siggy gave her assessment of the split along with stating that she’s #withHer:

“The news of Brad and Angelina’s divorce spread faster than Norovirus on a cruise ship! People have been asking me for my take on the sudden demise of “Brangelina” and although I don’t know the couple personally, I can assure you that it was anything but sudden. Relationships that last this long (12 years in this case) don’t just end in a day; this beautiful couple’s break up could have been months – even years – in the making.
I’ve read all sorts of rumors about Brad’s alcohol consumption, weed smoking and cheating, and Angelina’s iciness and inability to remain in a loving relationship. Who knows if any of these accusations are true or not? I certainly don’t know what happened exactly to bring this long term relationship to a half, but I do know one thing: Angelina is no dummy and I’m siding with her.
Say what you want about Angelina, there’s no denying that she’s an extremely intelligent, classy, successful woman with the ability and willingness to make a tremendous difference in this world. She’s a passionate humanitarian who knows what she wants out of life, and Hollywood doesn’t appear to be on her list of priorities lately. Her priorities are her children and using her celebrity to help people who need it. Brad, however, still reeks of the Hollywood lifestyle after all these years in the spotlight. In a nutshell, these two A-listers have found themselves moving in two completely different directions, as many couples do. In fact, 50% of marriages end in divorce, as do half of all Hollywood marriages. Why? People change, priorities change, spouses grow apart. In addition to moving in two different directions, the health scares that Angie has endured throughout the years have made her well aware of the fact that life is short and precious, and there’s no time for even Brad Pitt’s bologna. If the rumors about his pot smoking and drinking hold true, why would she want her children exposed to that lifestyle if she goes to such great lengths to keep herself healthy? As someone who makes a living offering relationship advice to others, and as a woman who has gone through a “divorce done right.”

Image Source: Instagram - Siggy Flicker

What do you think of Siggy’s analysis of the split? Are you Team Angelina, Team Brad or even Team Jen?

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